Location Scout Fisheye Photographs


Location Scout Fisheye photographs contained herein are a diverse of collection of scenes I have captured while location scouting (or just as likely on my own personal time), using my fisheye lens setups. While these fisheye location scouting photographs are … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Location Scout Resource: NY State

State of New York

Location scout resources for the mid-Atlantic U.S. State of New York including film office info and other information and data of interest to location scouts, location managers and other production personnel. Location Scout Resource: New York State Governors Office of … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Location Scout Notes: Production Estimating


Location Scout Notes: Production Estimating Once you stretch your legs a bit as a location scout / location manager, if you have aspirations to broaden your horizons, you may be presented with opportunities to work in other production department roles, … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Location Scout Resource: MOFTB Pages


Location Scout Resource – New York City, NY Film Office Pages Links Contained herein are links to some of the more-often used pages on the New York City Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcast (MOFTB) website. On the MOFTB … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Location Scout Location Aware Mobile Apps


Location Scout Resource: Location Aware Mobile Web Applications – location-aware mobile applications for smartphones and tablets are all the rage nowadays. You may or may not be aware of some of them (but who » isn’t «) using Facebook lately? … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Location Scout Video: Light Caps!


Location Scout Video: Light Caps! – Product Reviews of the Third Kind, Volume One, Episode One: Light Caps! Review of PantherVision light hats by Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs with Mary Jockel. We have all wished at one time or … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Location Scout Android / iPhone App


Location Scout Android / iPhone Application Location Scout is an Android application that helps you discover filming locations for thousands of movies via information compiled by the Internet Movie Database. I downloaded Location Scout to my Droid and in seconds … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Location Scout Resource: GeoCommons


Location Scout Resource: GeoCommons GeoCommons is the public community of GeoIQ users who are building an open repository of data and maps for the world. The GeoIQ platform includes a large number of features that empower you to easily access, … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Location Scout Resource: Flickr Maps


Location Scout Resource: Flickr Maps A location scout works closely with maps as part of the job description. Although, initially, there might be some driving or walking around looking for locations, once you find somewhere interesting, you have to know … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Location Scout Geospatial Links


Location scout resources for mapping information and other geospatial knowledge Wikipedia has the following to say about geospatial analysis: Geospatial Analysis – Wikipedia Geospatial analysis is an approach to applying statistical analysis and other informational techniques to data which has … [CLICK TO READ MORE]