Other Kinds of Location Scouts


Different kinds of location scouts than those of us that normally location scout for film, tv, photo, commercials

Carroll County News

Carroll County News

Another Kind of Location Scout

Carroll County (AR) News | Blogs | The Ubiquitous Pig | The Ogallala Blues | Daniel Krotz | Posted Tuesday, August 26, at 4:53 AM | via Google News Alerts

…One person who does understand what we are doing is the very fine American writer Annie Proulx. In her novel, That Old Ace in the Hole, she comically and bawdily tells the story of Bob Dollar, a callow and hapless “secret location scout” for Global Pork Rind. The book is about how Bob slowly and only in due course discovers the environmental and human costs of manufacturing “pork units.” Along the way, Proulx treats us to a social and natural history of the panhandle that informs us about what is happening to the Ogallala–and how we can become wiser stewards of this great and not readily renewable resource.

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AARP Location Scout

AARP Location Scout

AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) The Magazine’s Location Scout

is not really about location scouting for film / television or photo but rather, finding a suitable place to live, based on a number of of different criteria. So this is yet ANOTHER kind of location scout 😉

That said, AARP Magazine’s Location Scout could still be used in some measure by a location scout or producer to help pinpoint some aspects of a geographic location that might lend that themselves toward determining the most suitable place to use as a location for a given production.

In any case and if nothing else, the AARP Magazine’s Location Scout is a fun read and presents some food for thought regarding one’s own lifestyle preferences.

For instance, if you…

  • go to the AARP Magazine Location Scout front page and use the “Start Now” link, you are transported to a page with the heading “Climate / Locale” and presented with a number of options to chose from based on Climate preferences.
  • Next you are asked which Area of the United States you would prefer to live in.
  • Next you are asked three questions regarding Housing: (affordability), (price appreciation), (availability of senior housing options – it IS the AARP, after all), (property tax rates), (utility costs) and (housing starts)
  • Work preferences – (low unemployment), (high job growth), (overall income tax rates), (sales tax rates), (cost of living) and (taxes on pensions)
  • Arts, Culture & Lifestyle – availability of… (museums and galleries), (dining options), (performing arts), (libraries), (internet access)
  • Recreation – (presence of professional sports teams), (boating, surfing, sailing), (river or inland lake), (outdoors / national parks), (golf courses)
  • Transportation – (commuting), (mass transit), (airport(s)
  • Health – (affordability of medical and dental care), (quantity of physicians), (air quality), availability of… (nursing homes), (home care options), (meals on wheels), (geriatric medical specialists), (on-demand medical transportation)
  • Education – (level of spending per student), (high graduation rates), (cultural and intellectual opportunities), (range of school options)
  • Then you get your results!
  • Yahoo Search: AARP

Location Scouting on Mars - Computer World

Location Scouting on Mars – Computer World

Location Scouting On Mars

…via ComputerWorld | Twittering ‘from Mars’ | ‘Cheers! Tears! I’m here!’ Mars Lander declares By Heather Havenstein | June 6, 2008 (Computerworld)

The parachute is open!!

Come on Rocketssssss!!!

I’ve landed !!!!!

Cheers! Tears! I’m here!

Those were the messages that NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory sent out on micro-blogging site Twitter in a five-minute time span May 25 as its Phoenix Mars Lander descended and touched down on the Red Planet.

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Location Scout EBook

Location Scout EBook

Location Scout electronic book

…what follows is as abstract an observation on the subject of location scouting as I personally have come across yet…

Read Production Notes For Occupation: Location Scouting online FREE (pdf)

Page One Excerpt:

that’s all setup fire cover-up forest in revolt the haircut unseen we open here
backstory attached obscene invisible voice over perhaps these are the events
thanks to this oblivion alone that we can from time to time recover the person that we were,
place ourselves in relation to things as he was placed, suffer anew because we are no longer
ourselves but he, and because he loved what now leaves us indifferent parts all parts all
pieces the camera blind unable to carry on work of analysis all parts departure
smoke from wood rubble now sand scattered solid as it’s small can’t be smaller
atomic we shoot ruin at night softly luminous

Duration Press

Duration Press

Duration Press