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On October 12, 2007
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BizBash is a resource website for party planners (and location scouts!) which lists data and photos of venues in many major cities in North America available for rental for events and possibly film / video / photo shoots. There is always news of new venues opening and general news about recent events.

BizBash Location Scout Archive & News

BizBash, an event-planning resource website, has recently begun a series on its different city and regional websites, which include New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Florida and Toronto entitled BizBash Location Scout Archive (link is for New York- Location Scout Archive for other cities can be found under the “Venues” tab(s) on each city’s respective website).

The Location Scout Archives showcase interesting and / or remarkable local venues as well as including relevant featurette stories of interest to event and party planners, i.e. What Event Planners Want, all in a “blog” type format.

As a New York City area based location scout, I find the series interesting and valuable as I often receive requests for locations for film, video and photo shoots that might include public venues such as restaurants / bars, catering halls and other types of venues such as perhaps, museums or private clubs and it is always good to keep abreast of what’s opening (or closing) as well as “what’s hot or not”.

Occasionally I receive requests for locations for corporate events as well.



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