News: Location Scout Avon


News: Location Scout Avon Shoot residential location, upstate New York. Client: Avon (NYC) Photographer / Director: Ben Watts (NYC) In Conjunction with: Location Department Avon – Wikipedia Avon Products, Inc. (NYSE: AVP) is a American personal care manufacturer and seller … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Location Scout News Fall 2011


Location Scout News Autumn 2011 – Location Scout for U.S Department of Veterans Affairs Production: Wonderful Machine Photographer / Director: Robb Scharetg More at Robb Scharetg Pictures – USDVA   Pop-up Marketing Venue Location Scout Chivas Regal Legacy Marketing Partners … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Location Scout QBE AR


News: Location Scout QBE AR – Location Scout for annual report photography for QBE Insurance Group Ltd (Sydney, AU) involving its U.S. subsidiary, QBE The Americas (NYC) Photographer Stephen Milanowski (Madison, WI) Production / Producer: Salisbury Studios / Craig Spaulding … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Location Scout Watson Pharma -Trelstar


News: Location Scout for Watson Pharmaceuticals -Trelstar Client: Trelstar (Watson Pharmaceuticals, Morristown, NJ) Agency: Wedgewood Communications (Green Brook, NJ) Produced and Photographed by: Camille Tokerud Photography (NYC) Wikipedia: Watson Pharmaceuticals Watson Pharmaceuticals, Incorporated (NYSE: WPI) is the 5th largest pharmaceutical … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Location Scout News Summer 2011

Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs - High Tor Thumb

Location Scouting News: So far this Summer worked on: American Eagle Kids Holiday 2011 – location scouting and location management couple of days location scouting for Scoutmasters location research and location scouting for Spur Productions for Nike and Target location … [CLICK TO READ MORE]