Location Scout Favorite Music Videos / Shorts

Location Scout Favorite Music Videos / Short Films

Herein, some of my favorite music videos that I have seen as time goes by (and of course evaluated from a location scout’s perspective 😉 I will update content in this post as opportunities allow.

Viva Voce – From the Devil Himself

Via Voce – From the Devil Himself

  • Title: From The Devil Himself

  • Artist: http://therobinsonsmusic.com/”>Viva Voce
  • Director: Moh Azima
  • Location Scout: U/K
  • Location Scout (me) Comment(s): kewl hippy / ’60’s retro look, playing off Lennon / Ono Bed-In
  • I hit pay dirt when Jo Van Hove sent me a heads-up that a there was a really kewl vid that had used a Locamundo location on Videology-TV!

    In any case, I started surfing around Videology-tv and found From The Devil Himself by Viva Voce, directed by Moh Azima which is what this post is all about, so I guess if you read my website at all you might say I am “into” music videos lately!

    I do realize I am risking diluting the “focus” of my website reviewing all these films lately, but it does, in fact, all have to do with location scouting and film production. If you work in the creative end of film production like I do I think you would know what I meant if I said, “I don’t watch films like ‘normal’ people do”, in fact, its a bus man’s holiday of sorts- I am always looking closely at the locations, lighting, camera angles used, lensing, directorial and actor’s techniques so-on and so forth, so, after I get finished being entertained picking something apart technically if I can still say I was entertained for the sake of being entertained, it was a good day! 😉

    Ok. so here you have it, retro done right 😉 From The Devil Himself by Viva Voce:


    Kevin & Anita Robinson make the sounds.

    The sounds (Vee-vah-VOH-chay) are Italian for “word of mouth” and prophetically prove many would neither be able to spell or prounounce the name.

    Viva Voce indeed.

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    More Viva Voce Info

    Viva Voce - MySpaceAmorephonicsThe Robinsons Music

    Moh Azima – Director

    Director Moh Azima


    Viva Voce at Amazon

    Lyapis Trubetskoy

    Lyapis Trubetskoy – Capital

    Very kewl music vid found on Videology-TV. I am very impressed every time I visit Videology-TV (if they’d only take my like zero video… 😉

    • Band: Lyapis Trubetskoy
    • Director: Aliaksei Tserakhau
    • Location Scout: U/K
    • Location Scout (me) comments: this video appears to be mostly flash animation; so not too sure how much location scouting or shooting on location was involved. Came out kewl tho 🙂

    «Capital» Lyapis Trubetskoy from Alexey TEREHOFF on Vimeo.

    surrealistic pop-art with a cynical view on world politics created in high energy frames for pop music channels. could the apocalypse be near? tried and tested technologies with deadly
    composing and a pint of morphing for good measure.

    – Top 50 Music Videos of 2007, Staff List by Mark Richardson and Scott Plagenhoef
    – Festival ViMus 2007, Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal, Special Award of the Jury-International Competition
    – RAMP (Rock Alternative Music Prize) 2007, Moscow, Russia, 1st Prize, Best music video of the year,
    – Multimatograph 3, 2007 Festival of non-commercial animation and video art; Winner in "Video art"
    – First Annual Musical Award in the domain of rock-n-roll “Chartova Dyuzhyna. Top 13” 2008, Moscow, Russia, 1st Prize, Best music video
    – Rock Coronation, 2008 Minsk, Belarus, 1st Prize, Rock Crown, Best music video of the year


    I eat for dinner golden bullions
    Diamond dessert and oil cream
    My name of Beelzebub
    The master of the stratosphere
    Im so gratefully cool my respects without measure

    In my left hand Snickers in my right hand Mars
    My PR manager is Karl Marx
    Capital! Capital! Capital! Capital!

    I eat your cities and drink your oceans
    My beard is obscuring the sky
    Thunders and lightnings, fogs and rains
    My shoes are licked by ministers and chiefs

    In my left hand Snickers in my right hand Mars
    My PR manager is Karl Marx
    Capital! Capital! Capital! Capital!

    My face Madonna, in a rotten pear
    Everyone on your knees!
    The orchestra, flourish!
    Capital! Capital! Capital! Capital!


    Lyapis Trubetskoy at Amazon

    Fellaheen – like zero – Directed by Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs

    Location Scout as Video Director!

    …so now I am a music video Director (lol!) This is my video I made using

    Fellaheen’s Like Zero

    and some

    archival Chevrolet footage from Archive.org

    permission was obtained from


    (Graphic Designer / Musician Bruce Hanson)

    is a personal friend) and the

    Chevrolet footage public domain

    The video was made with a definite “rough cut” look in mind

    and employs retro automotive footage from archive.org





    Fellaheen at Amazon

    El Guapo Stuntteam – Back from the Grave

    Location Scout Loc8/ Locamundo/ Toon Aerts/ El Guapo Stuntteam Video News

    Via Loc8.be Jo Van Hove writes:

    Director Toon Aerts sends me the link to a videoclip he directed near a wooden cabin in the woods that was found on Locamundo.com 😉

    Warning: Mature subject matter

    El Guapo Stuntteam- Back From the Grave

    This video rocks!

    Locamundo.com is the host for my location library and Jo, his company Loc8 and LocationExchange are all part of my extended network.

    El Guapo Stuntteam - Back to the Grave

    Toon Aerts at Czar

    Toon Aerts at Czar


    El Guapo Stuntteam at Amazon

    Music Notes Background by Vera Kratochvil