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– location-aware mobile applications for smartphones and tablets are all the rage nowadays. You may or may not be aware of some of them (but who » isn’t «) using Facebook lately? 😉 Somewhere in the mix you should be able to find a couple that are useful to you if you are a location scout. A huge bonus is very, very many useful mobile apps are FREE 🙂

While most mobile applications offer some sort of desktop portal or user interface, to reiterate, we are talking about mobile applications here, whereby users connect with the applications’ services via mobile smartphone or tablet, i.e iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, etc. using a mobile version of the application and / or via a website constructed specifically for access by mobile devices. Being location-based, these types of applications generally interface with the mobile devices’ gps capabilities and some, such as Google Maps Mobile / Google Maps Mobile Navigation, have the ability to triangulate the user’s position via cel towers in use by the users’ celular phone services provider. Many are focused mainly on social networking, however, some, such as Google Maps (again) have more utilitarian uses (keep reading).

As a side note, these types of services normally offer a way to download and install their application directly using your mobile device “over the air” (ota) or even more likely will direct you to a mobile applications portal such as:

Please note: there are MANY third-party website repositories of mobile applications and while most are on the up-and-up, when downloading mobile applications from an “indie” website, there is a far greater chance of running into problems, i.e faulty / hacked applications and / or rogue apps that can damage your equipment or steal sensitive personal info. There aren’t, as far as I know, many mainstream ways to scan mobile apps for viruses and other umm, “customizations”. This is one situation in which I would very strongly advise sticking with the “big boys”.

Android Market

Android Market

It is pretty crazy to try to categorize the different applications as each app’s uniqueness revolves around the way it “mashes up” different features … below is my attempt to (sort of?) categorize some of them. In addition to my own profile for each service that I use, for the sake of brevity, I have listed the main sites for each of the services, there you will find instructions for accessing each service’s mobile features and / or directions for downloading and installing their mobile application. Anyway, here goes…

Some location-aware web applications include:

Social Networking

(1) applications generally used for “checking in”, or announcing one’s physical location. Depending on the service, a photo or even video can be included in the check in.

Location-Aware Mobile Microblogging

Historical Movie Location Reference

Ever wondered which movies were filmed at or near your current location?

Location-Aware Maps, Navigation, Weather

Admittedly, in this section I am being very impartial, as Google Maps is just about all I use for mapping and navigation. There – it has been said. As a location scout and producer, I have used Google Maps to prepare route maps and logistics plans / proposals as well as production itineraries; suffice to say I have used Google Maps in particular as a productivity tool far beyond any social networking application.


Traffic, Transportation, Parking

To summarize, while this post will get you started, you really just have to get out there and look around for yourself to figure out what apps with which features work best for your own personal needs and preferences. Happy Hunting!

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