Location Scout Resource: NYC Film Zone Map Online


Location Scout Resource: NYC Film Zone Map Online:

Something I have wanted to do for years, as a location scout and location manager, is to have an easily-web-accessible film zone map to use for reference.

Maybe I need to back up a little?

Q: What is the Film Zone?

The “Film Zone(s)” are the boundaries set by several NYC based worker’s unions, guilds, and organizations chapters defining the area(s) in which they will work locally. The radius varies a few miles by organization from a 25 to 30 mile radius generally emanating from Columbus Circle in New York City, NY; for the sake of simplicity I have used the 25 mile zone; if you are inside this zone, presumably, you are safe inside the 30 mile zone as well.

Google Maps Developers Website

Google Maps Developers Website

GPS Visualizer

GPS Visualizer

Thanks to the Google Maps API and GPVisualizer it was pretty easy to create a map with a circle overlay and tweak the html just a little so it would display on my website.

Occasionally, Google updates (and improves) their Maps API, it’s up to V3. Version 3 would be great if for no other reason than you no longer need a developer key, but there is much more – faster, generally less complex to work with…

App Delegate, Inc. Blog - Matt Williamson

App Delegate, Inc. Blog – Matt Williamson

Google Maps API V3 Map Markers - Sven Nerberg

Google Maps API V3 Map Markers – Sven Nerberg

Matt Williamson constructed the script that generates the map and circle below, then I figured out how to make the Columbus Circle marker from Sven Nerberg.

You can zoom in / out, switch back and forth from road map view to satellite hybrid view and even use the little Google Street View Man 🙂

The thumbnail of the old map has been left – it was a gold ole map – it was online for about 10 years.

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New York City area 25-mile local film zone map centered at Columbus Circle, Manhattan
Google Map of New York, NY (NYC)



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