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Location Scout FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Updated Frequently

What follows are un-ordered lists of links to written articles and info on the subjects of location scouting, location management, general production and business, of likely interest to production personnel and property owners as well as aspiring location scouts and location managers:

Location Scout Information for Production Personnel

For Production Personnel:

Location Scout Information for Property Owners

For Property Owners:

Location Scout Information for Everyone (you too!)

For All:

Information for Aspiring Location Scouts & Location Managers

For Aspiring Location Scouts / Location Managers:


Wikipedia Articles:


Yahoo Answers: Location Scout vs Location Manager?

Yahoo Answers: In film, is there a difference between a location scout and a location manager? | and if so what is it that each of them do? | Jamie Starr

Best Answer – Chosen by Voters

By Mark M

Yes, there is a difference. Location Scouts research various local and distant locations to meet the criteria of settings that are in the script.

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Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs – nyc.locationscout.us

About Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs | nyc.locationscout.us

Location Scouting + Location Management for film, photography, tv+video + CGi / HDRi + event production.

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We now accept major credit cards for payment for location scouting, location management and production services via Paypal! Please note that discounted rates for cash / check payment will not apply.


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