Invoicing – Payment Policies Location Scout Services

Invoicing / Payment Policies for Location Scout, Location Manager and other Production Services

Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs – are as follows:

  1. Payment for any invoice for Location Scouting, Location Management Services and other Production services is due and payable immediately upon receipt. We accept checks, cash, credit cards and electronic payments. Any associated bank fees must be paid by client.
  2. Wages or fees for additional crew, props, services or any other financial or labor liability must be advanced and paid prior to shoot. This also includes any location fees to property owners, production insurance or local film or photo permit fees.
  3. Any local film or photo permit fees and insurance requirements are the responsibility of production. Compliance with local film or photo permits or insurance requirements are mandatory and the responsibility of production.
  4. Internationally based clients are required to pay invoices immediately upon shoot wrap and before homeward departure.Additionally, an additional, refundable cash deposit may be required.



Welcome to NO!SPEC

The NO!SPEC campaign: Serves as a vehicle to unite those who support the notion that spec work devalues the potential of design and ultimately does a disservice to the client.

Our mission: To educate the public about speculative, or “spec” work.

Our target: Those who use creative services, as well as creative professionals (designers, photographers, illustrators, typographers, writers and those in marketing, branding and advertising).

What you can do: Read NO!SPEC’s Protocols. Place a "NO!SPEC" logo on your site. Sign the NO!SPEC petition. Distribute the "NO!SPEC" posters. Contact us with your thoughts, comments, articles and insights.

Requirements: The only requirement for participation is putting the appropriate value on your profession.