Location Scout Production


Location Scout – Production

R. Richard Hobbs is a New York City professional location scout and location manager provider of services for the following areas of the creative media industry


  • television production
  • film production
  • movie production
  • tv commercial production
  • video production
  • advertising photography
  • commercial photography and editorial photography
  • corporate marketing events and shows

We have provided production services and location services for the advertising & marketing media needs of such world famous brand names such as Ford Motors, Target, Microsoft, Acura, Oral B, Osk Kosh B’Gosh / Carter’s, Morgan Stanley, Verizon, Prudential, NY Life, GlaxoSK, NEC, USPS and American Eagle Outfitters to name a few.

A diverse online digital location library is maintained with location files (pictures/info) of more than 3000 (and growing) New York City (NYC) metro area (including many NJ, PA, CT areas) locations for film, video, still photography including apartments/homes, lofts/studios, mansions, offices/businesses, factories, schools, clubs/restaurants/event venues, sports facilities, area beaches/recreation areas, and other locations.

We have extensive experience (more than 20 years) providing location and production and services for still photo, including advertising photo; automobile photo, pharmaceutical/medical photo,catalog photography, lifestyle photo, portrait photo, computer industry photo, fashion photo, financial sector photo, real estate photo, resort photo, retail photography, annual report photo, editorial photo (magazine photography) fields and tv commercial production, film production, video production and corporate video production.

Photography Production Services include production coordination, production management, location scouting, location library, location files, location management, local permitting, talent casting, budgeting / billing, travelling and logistics planning (+ just about everything in between!)

R. Richard Hobbs is willing and able to supervise the location or production needs of your media or event project with an eye toward detail and quality as well as your financial bottom line.

Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs - Production

Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs – Production