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On October 7, 2012
Last modified:November 5, 2012


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Location Scout Reviews of various items i.e websites, products, services, etc.

Recently, with the help of a WordPress plugin, Author HReview, I have begun to place reviews into posts on Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs – nyc.locationscout.us of websites, products, services, etc. that I have used myself and as may be appropriate and relevant to specific post(s); I hope others find these reviews useful as well. Obviously, these are only *my* opinions – you know what they say about opinions and everyone having one 😉

In most cases I have kept the reviews “upbeat”; I probably won’t have written about it in the first place if I didn’t like whatever it is and I am generally of a mind that … if you can’t say something good then don’t say anything at all, also “one man’s meat is another poison, and other cliches, ad nauseum 😉

Below are my latest reviews (the list should change as new reviews are added):

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