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On February 5, 2008
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claims to be something like the pulse of the blogosphere. I have not been happy with the archaic verification system.

Location Scout Technorati + Other Sources

Preface: This post is not so much about doing actual location scouting work using the internet*, but rather finding online content that other location scouts might be posting around the internet or other published content on the subject of location scouting. So I guess it is, in way, but not really?



About Technorati

Technorati was founded to help bloggers succeed by collecting, highlighting, and distributing the global online conversation. Founded as the first blog search engine, Technorati has expanded to a full service media company providing services to the blogs and social media sites and connecting them with advertisers who want to join the conversation, and whose online properties introduce blog content to millions of consumers.



Technorati – Wikipedia

Technorati is an Internet search engine for searching blogs, competing with Google, Yahoo and IceRocket. As of December 2007, Technorati indexes over 112 million weblogs. The name Technorati is a portmanteau, pointing to the technological version of literati or intellectuals.

Technorati has received some criticism recently surrounding some of its activities (see Technorati Wikipedia page), however, there is no arguing with an index of 112 million blogs, someone is using their services…

To find blog posts, photos and online video about a given subject, do a search on the Technorati home page using terms pertaining to the subject you are seeking information about.

Technorati relies relies heavily on the “tagstaxonomy hence when results returned from a basic Technorati search, the url will contain the following structure:


Search results page for “location scouting” is http://technorati.com/tag/location+scouting

If you are an internet content author and wish to have your content show up in Technorati results you may wish to note Technorati uses the “+ sign” separator for multi word search term phrases.

Sam Rohn and I post a lot online on the subject of location scouting, so you are likely to find a lot of results from our websites in the Technorati index.

In addition to Google‘s ongoing indexing of general web content, Google Blog Search indexes blogs specifically and is a direct competitor for Technorati’s audience.

Here is the results page for a Google Blog search using the search phrase “location scouting”.

Google Blog Search has gained some popularity recently, an example being that the very popular blogging software, WordPress recently switched to Google Blog Search as the default source for incoming links on the administration dashboards of WordPress hosted blogs and user-hosted blogs.

I am not that familiar with Ice Rocket, altho I do know they have been around for some time and I am pretty sure Ice Rocket is one of the many default blog indexing services pinged by WordPress’s (Automattic) Pingomatic service. (If you havent noticed, I rely on WordPress quite a bit as the website platform for all my websites). The WordPress / Automattic group carries quite a bit of cred with me, so I am sort of like, “if they think it’s good, then it must be”.

…so, here is a blog search for “location scouting” using Ice Rocket

Yahoo has a blog search engine as well, but frankly, it seems a little weak – at least one review calls Yahoo’s Blog Search “not much more than a quick add-on to Yahoo News”. In any case, here are results of a Yahoo Blog Search for “location scouting”.

A while back I made a post on nyc.locationscout.us about a Yahoo Pipe I found called del.icio.us Tag Masher that aggregates bookmark results using 4 different search terms which always returns some informative results. I’d like to find a mashup that delivers aggregated results from Technorati, Google Blog Search, Ice Rocket, Yahoo and del.icio.us.

* You can find other content on nyc.locationscout.us regarding useful online tools for location scouting, try clicking the following tags on the nyc.locationscout.us archives page in the tag cloud (or just use the links below)

  • online resources
  • The search box (also located on the home page) provides nyc.locationscout.us site-wide search results of content contained on the site.