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On March 16, 2007
Last modified:June 24, 2015


Lovely Mid-Westchester farm film location

Location Scout Spotlight: New Westchester County Farm Film Location Featured

This past week I was contacted by a mid-Westchester County, NY property owner about the prospect of using their 200 year-old farmhouse home as a shoot location for film, photo or video projects.

As evidenced by the rest of the content here on my website and very likely because you were looking for someone like me, you probably already know I am a location scout and location manager and maintain a location library of shoot-ready locations for use by film, video and photo production.

In addition to being a beautiful home, this particular house has the distinction of recently being the “hero house”, or one of the main filming locations in the soon-to-be-released Miramax Film Corporation feature film, The Hoax, directed by Lasse Hallström, starring Richard Gere and Alfred Molina (complete IMDB webpage here) which attempts to tell the story of the Clifford Irving / Howard Hughes autobiography scandal of the 1970’s.

The owner relates to me that filming for the movie last year at their home went on pretty much full time for a period of about two months and that, overall, they enjoyed the experience and wish to host more shoots at their home in the future.

The home is located within a 30 mile radius of Columbus Circle, New York City, so it may be considered “within the zone” for many film and video shoots.