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Directed by Vivian Kubrick

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On February 1, 2008
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Documentary film directed by Vivian Kubrick of the making of the classic movie of the horror story, The Shining, by Stephen King; directed by Stanley Kubrick, Starring Jack Nicholson, Shelly Duval, Scatman Cruthers.

Location Scout Spotlight – filming locations for The Shining (1980) and other Kubrick-directed films. Part four of a series of posts regarding ways others and I have been influenced by the work of the iconic 20th century film director Stanley Kubrick.

I hereby declare “Kubrick Week” (ok, well, Kubrick Friday at this point, anyway…) here – with no small thanks due the Kubrick-sessives over at Coudal Partners

Coudal Partners - Kubrick

Coudal Partners - Kubrick

…who I found, quite accidentally, on Michael Heilemann’s Kubrick Page (Michael has such long-standing admiration for Stanley Kubrick as to have named his iconic WordPress theme (Kubrick) for the late film director.

The Kubrick WordPress Theme is of considerable merit of its own, having been adopted by as well as development and support continued by WordPress itself to become the WordPress default theme and the design base from which the majority of other WordPress themes originate.

Michael Heilemann - Binary Bonsai - Kubrick

Michael Heilemann - Binary Bonsai - Kubrick

However, I digress… I have, as many other people, of course, known of New York City-born-and-raised Stanley Kubrick and his body of film directorial work (as well as photography, especially earlier in his career – Mr. Kubrick was, at one time, a Look Magazine staff photographer) for some time and have generally enjoyed his films, however it is only very recently that I have developed a serious (and probably somewhat obsessive 😉 interest. My recent posts here are a manifestation of that obsession!

…so, in continuing along without further delay relate existence of a genuine Kubrick gem, the documentary film The Making of the Shining.

Wikipedia describes this documentary film as follows:

Stanley Kubrick allowed his then-17-year-old daughter, Vivian, to make a documentary about the production of The Shining. Created originally for the BBC television show Arena, this documentary offers rare insight into the shooting process of a Kubrick film.

The documentary, together with full-length commentary by Vivian Kubrick, is included on both DVD releases of The Shining.

Documentary of making the shining offline at Google Video

  • At this writing, the above video has been “live” at Google video since August 2007. In view of the length of time it has been online, one can only assume that permission has been granted for republication or the owners of the intellectual property rights of same are indifferent*, however, the case could just as well be that no one in a position to possibly suffer damage by an unauthorized republication has noticed? Solid proof of permission to republish prevents me from embedding the Google Video version here with a clean conscience so unless you want to buy the DVD you will have to surf over to Google Video to watch it. Circumstances surrounding republication of Making of The Shining being what they might, it could just as easily have disappeared from Google Video by the time you read this post.

* an interesting note here would be that Mr. Kubrick had a reputation as a vigorous defender of his copyrights and other intellectual property rights.

… moving along, the first link I found on Coudal Partner’s Kubrick Page, followed and which ultimately hooked me was an article written by journalist Jon Ronson published in 2004 the UK Newspaper Guardian Unlimited entitled Citizen Kubrick.

Mr. Ronson was invited to Mr. Kubrick’s estate in 2001 after Mr. Kubrick’s death in 1999:

There are boxes everywhere – shelves of boxes in the stable block, rooms full of boxes in the main house. In the fields, where racehorses once stood and grazed, are half a dozen portable cabins, each packed with boxes. These are the boxes that contain the legendary Kubrick archive.

The story continues forward to illustrate Stanley Kubrick’s arguably obsessive eye for detailed research including discovery of coincidental location scouting files for Eyes Wide Shut of the author’s own neighborhood:

… I choose the one marked EWS – Islington because that’s where I live. Inside are hundreds of photographs of doorways. The doorway of my local video shop, Century Video, is here, as is the doorway of my dry cleaner’s, Spots Suede Services on Upper Street. Then, as I continue to flick through the photographs, I find, to my astonishment, pictures of the doorways of the houses in my own street. Handwritten at the top of these photographs are the words, “Hooker doorway?

read the rest

…and all for now…



Stanley Kubrick – Wikipedia

Stanley Kubrick (July 26, 1928 – March 7, 1999) was an American film director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer and editor who did most of his work as an expatriate in the United Kingdom. He is regarded as one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. His films, typically adaptations of novels or short stories, are noted for their “dazzling” and unique cinematography, attention to details to achieve realism and an inspired use of music scores. Kubrick’s films covered a variety of genres, including war, crime, romantic and black comedies, horror, epic and science fiction. Kubrick was also noted for being a perfectionist, using painstaking care with scene staging and working closely with his actors.



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