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Location Scout Property Releases

An important part of the location scout / location manager / producer / director / photographer collective workflow is obtaining a property release or location agreement, which is written permission to use images of a property or location for publication, particularly in instances where private property is concerned. This permission must be obtained from the property owner.

Likewise, property owners should insist on a property release or location agreement being signed by all involved parties, if for no other reason than furthering the interest of a general atmosphere of understanding and cooperation.

There are many more or less standard legal forms available which should be customized as may be appropriate with the production company’s and / or end-client’s information as well as showing the amount of monies to be paid to the property owner and any special conditions as may exist.



Below are some useful property release resources:

Caveat: R. Richard Hobbs / nyc.locationscout.us is not an attorney or for that matter, a legal professional in any capacity – The content presented here should only be considered general information derived from experience in the production field and you should consult an attorney for answers to any questions and / or to check validity of any statements made or forms referred to here within.

American Society of Media Photographers


  • American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) | Home > Commerce > Legal Resources > Property Releases Tutorial | By Richard Weisgrau and Victor S. Perlman

    This article originally appeared in “A Subject of Urban Legend,” which is posted in our Legal Resources area.

    The whole subject of property releases is filled with urban legend, assumption and myth, along with a bit of actual law. As you know, using a person’s likeness for trade or advertising purposes requires a model release. That is because a person has a reputation to protect, a right of privacy and (in some states) a right of publicity. Property has none of these rights. So why should you go to the trouble to get a release?

  • American Society of Media Photographers


  • ASMP Property Release / American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) | Home > Commerce > Legal Resources > Releases Tutorial | Why you need releases

    A release is a written agreement between you and the person you are photographing, or the person who owns the property you are photographing. The purpose of the release is to protect you from any future lawsuits the person might file for claims such as defamation and invasion of privacy.

The ASMP piece directly above discusses property and model releases. The location professional will obviously be most concerned with the property release parts of the discussion, however it is probably a good idea to have a general grounding in both types of releases especially if your job descriptions cross over between location services / general production / photography / directing.

What is a Property Release and When Do You Need One


About.com | Desktop Publishing | Property Release

Definition: When using pictures that contain clearly recognizable places or other property (such as pets), a property release protects you against legal claims by the owner of the property.

How do you download a model and property release


Fotalia Blog | How do you download a model and property release?

Fotolia offers personalized model releases to you for various situations (pictures of a minors, pictures of models, and photographs of personal property).