Location Scout Resource: Sample Location Contracts


Location Scout Resource: Location Contracts for Location Scouts, Production and Homeowners

– Attached are two (2) boilerplates of the location contracts we use so there is a written agreement between us, production and property owners when a deal has been negotiated to use a property as a filming location for a film, photo or video shoot.

  1. is a long form
  2. – the one that has been around here some time now, but often seems intimidating and “overkill” for “everyday” use…

  3. is a shorter form
  4. – less detailed but seems to-the-point for most everyday use.

  5. Please read each document you plan to use carefully and edit the parts specific to *you* (and the location property owner)


Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs is NOT an attorney and makes no warranty of legal validity of either document presented here. These documents are presented “as is” for illustrative purposes only, do not neccesarily constitute legally binding agreement(s) and certainly do not represent agreements of any sort between R. Richard Hobbs and anyone who views or uses the aforementioned location documents. For legal advice seek the services of a registered, licensed law professional.

…at the same time, please feel free to use these documents for your own purposes as reference or for ideas to use to come up with your own forms.

MS Word Format:

  1. Location Contract – Long Form (MS Word .doc)
  2. Location Contract – Short Form (MS Word .doc)

PDF Format:

Adobe PDF (.pdf) might be more difficult to edit than the Word files (above)? DO NOT use the documents below “as is” for any purpose other than reading!

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