News: Location Scout Pharma Rollouts

Location Scout for photo / video for a new pharmaceutical marketing campaign.

Additional details available post-launch.



Ad Agency: Agency RX (NYC)



Production Company: Photo-Group Productions, Peter Strongwater, Producer (NYC)

Peter Zander   Real Life   1


Photographer / Director: Peter Zander (NYC)

Pharma rollout location scout

Pharma rollout location scout

Location Scout Pharma Launch: Location Scout for photography for a four-ad pharma print campaign

for an upcoming pharmaceutical product marketing launch. Unfortunately, further product details cannot be shared at this writing.



Advertising Agency: Rosetta (Princeton, NJ)

James Salzano Photography


Photographer: James Salzano Photography (NYC)

Planet PrePro


Production: Planet PrePro (NYC)

Location Scout Regranex

Location Scout Regranex

Production Management, Location Scout & Location Manager

for photography for a print advertising campaign for a pharma launch.



Client: Healthpoint Biotherapeutics

(Fort Worth, TX)

Lawrence & Company Advertising


Advertising Agency: Lawrence & Company Advertising


James McEntee Photography


Photographer: James McEntee

(Pompano Beach, FL)

Amy Auslander, Fashion Stylist


Stylist / Art Department: Amy Auslander


Street Lovely Casting


Casting: Street Lovely

(Brooklyn, NY)

Scheimpflug Digital


Digital Services: Scheimpflug Digital




News: Location Scout Pharma Rollout

Location Scouting – Location Management for photography and video for a pharmaceutical product rollout the name of which cannot be disclosed till launch.

James Salzano Photography


Director / Photographer / Producer: Salzano Photography (James Salzano) (NYC)

Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide


Ad Agency: CommonHealth (NYC)

Laboratory by George Hodan


News: Location Scout – Pharma Launch

Location Scouting and Location Management for photography for a lifestyle-based print advertising campaign for an as-yet-publicly-disclosed pharmaceutical product launch.



Produced and photographed by Salzano Photography (NYC).

Location Scout GNC

Location Scout GNC

News: Location Scout for GNC (General Nutrition Centers) (Pittsburgh, PA)

New York City and Long Island location scouting for a print ad campaign for General Nutrition Centers

Photographer Director Kevin Banna


Photography / Production: Kevin Banna Photography (Chicago)



GNC (General Nutrition Centers) – Wikipedia

General Nutrition Centers (GNC) is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based American commercial enterprise focused on the retail sale of health and nutrition related products, including vitamins, supplements, minerals, herbs, sports nutrition, diet & energy products.