Location Scout Xolair


Location Scout and Location Manager for advertising photography for back-to-back marketing campaigns for asthma med Xolair, (Genentech (San Francisco, CA)

CDM World Agency


Advertising Agency: Cline, Davis, Mann Advertising (NYC)

James Salzano Photography


Photographer: Jim Salzano (NYC)

Lovely Giant Productions – Photo Motion Production Creative Development


Production: Lovely Giant / Inna Khavinson (NYC)



Many thanks to:

Bill Arrowood / Bluestone Road (Philly, PA) for location support in Delaware and Debbie Regan Locations (Old Westbury, NY) for additional location support



Xolair (Omalizumab) – Wikipedia

Omalizumab (trade name Xolair, Genentech / Novartis) is a humanized antibody drug approved for patients with moderate-to-severe or severe allergic asthma, which is caused by hypersensitivity reactions to certain harmless environmental substances.