Location Scout Resource: NY State

State of New York

Location scout resources for the mid-Atlantic U.S. State of New York including film office info and other information and data of interest to location scouts, location managers and other production personnel. Location Scout Resource: New York State Governors Office of … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

More NJ Location Scout Resources


More New Jersey Location Scout Resources continued from Location Scout Resource: New Jersey New Jersey Location Scouts at New Jersey Motion Picture and Television Commission On the NJFilm Website in the Production Services Directory is a listing of New Jersey-based … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Location Scout Lighthouses


Location scout resources for lighthouses all kinds of lighthouses I have scouted myself and / or heard or read about, including descriptions and geographical information; might include photographs as well! Lighthouse Location Scout: Saugerties Lighthouse Saugerties Lighthouse is a vintage … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Location Scout Promos & Profiles 2

Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs - nyc.locationscout.us

Location Scout Marketing Promotions and Online Profiles 2 is a continuing post of links to sites where Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs has an online presence. See also Location Scout Promos + Profiles See also Location Scout Marketing Promotions and … [CLICK TO READ MORE]