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Review of: Motorola Droid
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Motorola / Verizon

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On March 24, 2010
Last modified:April 20, 2015


The Original Motorola / Verizon Droid - somewhat of a dinosaur now, but in the day it was way ahead of its time, helping define new cutting-edge technologies that continue to evolve.

Location Scout Gadget: Motorola Droid (Verizon Android Smartphone)

– It is pretty easy to see how any location scout, location manager or any other production person could really benefit from any mobile access to email, internet, maps, GPS, 5MP digital camera and HD camcorder, so that is why, a little while back when I was due for an upgrade (read: “discounted prices”) from my mobile carrier, Verizon Wireless I acquired a Droid smartphone. The Verizon Droid is a Motorola A855.

Other than the fact that the onboard GPS eats considerable battery power when it is activated, (…solution is to leave it off when not in use) I am overall pleased with the Droid so far; it is a big step up from my first smartphone, the Blackberry Pearl. The Droid’s Android 2 OS allows for use of lots of Google Mobile Services and Android being a popular and robust operating system, many applications, (many free) are actively being developed and are available at a few touches of the finger in The Android Market.


In addition to Gmail and Google Maps, here are a few other handy apps I have found in Android Market and use:

  • I also picked up a Body Glove Snap-On Cover I really like; it is really well made in as far as it protects the phone body, but leaves the (very durable) touchscreen exposed and still allows the Droid keypad to be opened horizontally.
  • I haven’t tried it (yet ;)), but this diy fisheye lens idea for the Droid camera / camcorder looks fun and interesting :). There are several wide angle / fisheye lenses sold here; while (as of this writing) I don’t see the Droid specifically mentioned, these smartphone auxilliary lenses are pretty reasonably priced so it might be worth checking out if you are really into using the Droid’s camera / camcorder.
  • As the weather gets warmer I will be getting out on my bicycle and I will use my bicycle handlebar mount for Motorola Droid.
  • Altho I normally use a Magellan automobile GPS for street navigation the Droid *does* fit in my MP3 Player Bicycle and Car Mount for iPod/iPhone (please use common sense and operate your automobile safely. This would not include performing most mobile phone tasks while driving.)
  • My Droid did not include a car charger, but I found a very reasonably priced car charger on Amazon.

Location Scout Smartphone Application

Location Scout Smartphone Application

Location Scout Android / iPhone Application

Location Scout is an Android application that helps you discover filming locations for thousands of movies via information compiled by the Internet Movie Database.

I downloaded Location Scout to my Droid and in seconds it had pulled up a half dozen or so movies filmed with a few miles of my office in New Jersey. The Location Scout application works as described, mashing up geographic data and data from the Internet Movie Database (IMDB). I actually had it installed on my old Droid (original Droid Motorola A855) and it was a bit poky but it runs like lightning on my current Droid 3.

This is a good application for a location scout doing research or just about any movie buff.

I recall that a former version of this application that I used on my old Droid (the original A855…)had an add-on (for the life of me I can’t remember what its exact purpose was, perhaps to find photos in the area which you had searched?; this was a noble cause but unfortunately, it tended to lock up my Droid (may have been stressing the performance / resources?) in any case it appears the add-on has been removed; I just downloaded Location Scout for my Toshiba Android Tablet (Scribe / AT100) and it runs smooth as silk. It also runs smoothly on my Droid3.

Location Scout is also available for iPhone.

LocationTalk Location Scout Mobile App

LocationTalk Location Scout Mobile App

Location Scout App for Google Android

..via LocationTalk

Location Scout App Review - Know Your Cel

Location Scout App Review – Know Your Cel

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