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all kinds of lighthouses I have scouted myself and / or heard or read about, including descriptions and geographical information; might include photographs as well!

Saugerties Lighthouse

Lighthouse Location Scout: Saugerties Lighthouse

Saugerties Lighthouse is a vintage red-brick lighthouse built in 1869 at the mouth of the Esopus Creek on the Hudson River

The Saugerties Lighthouse Conservancy maintains the lighthouse. Access to the lighthouse is open to the public.

Lighthouse Location Scout: Saugerties Lighthouse


Saugerties Light – Wikipedia

Saugerties Light, known also as the Saugerties Lighthouse, is a lighthouse on the Hudson River north of Saugerties, New York.


When it was built in 1869, it replaced the earlier 1838 lighthouse. Its Coast Guard service was ended in 1954. It is currently managed by the non-profit Saugerties Lighthouse Conservancy which purchased the lighthouse in 1986 and has restored it. The conservancy manages the nature trail leading to the lighthouse, offers two bed and breakfast rooms and public tours. A small museum displays artifacts of the original lighthouse and the restoration efforts, as well as the history of the Saugerties waterfront.


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Esopus Meadows Lighthouse

Location Scout Esopus Meadows Lighthouse, NY

As I have mentioned before, just about any personal outing is a busman’s holiday for a location scout 😉

Saturday, July 16 was no exception as my girlfriend, Mary and I packed up our ‘yaks and headed upstate a bit to Margaret Lewis Norrie State Park, NY and discovered the lovely Esopus Meadows Lighthouse on the Hudson River 🙂 You can see the Catskills High Peaks rising up in the far background!


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Sandy Hook Lighthouse

Location Scout Spotlight: Sandy Hook National Recreation Area (NRA)

A beautiful, sunny day at the beach ! 🙂 Sandy Hook National Recreation Area, NJ.


Sandy Hook – Wikipedia

Sandy Hook is a barrier spit, approximately 6.0 miles (9.7 km) in length and varying between 0.10 and 1 miles (0.16-1.61 km) wide in Middletown Township in Monmouth County, along the Atlantic Ocean coast of eastern New Jersey in the United States. The barrier spit encloses the southern entrance of Lower New York Bay south of New York City. The Dutch called the area “Sant Hoek;” with the English “Hook” deriving from the Dutch “Hoek,” meaning “spit of land”.

Sandy Hook Lighthouse, Sandy Hook, NJ

Mouro Lighthouse by Max Billder – Photo.net

Location Scout Lighthouse: Photograph of the Week Forum: by Max Billder

Photo.net | Community | Forums | Photograph of the Week | Mouro Island Lighthouse (near Santander, Spain) | by Max Billder | photo.net Elves | Feb 25, 2008; 04:47 a.m.

“This photograph was chosen because the Elves think it is interesting and worthy of discussion. When participating in the Photograph of the Week forum, please offer a critique of the photo — address its strengths, its weaknesses.”

see Max’s photo of Mouro Island Lighthouse (near Santander, Spain) and read more


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