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If you are a location scout or other film location professional, there are a number of ways to interact with peers and other location / production people online.

Below are some free resources I know of (and have initiated, in some cases) and probably belong to myself; if anyone knows of others I would be interested to find out about them:

Networking Diagram by K Whiteford


Location Scout Networking Links

See below for more about Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Google Groups


Google Groups




As well as being a well-known photo hosting portal, Flickr also is host to many imaging-related discussion / networking groups / photo pools, including a number of groups for location scouting.

Facebook logo


Facebook has supplemented or replaced the need for some other older networking sites

i.e. “lifilm” a former / now extinct Yahoo Group is now Long Island International Film Festival on Facebook. Their internet site, part of the Nassau County, NY Film Office is Long Island Film. Another Long Island Film Festival is Long Island Film Festival International; Facebook: Long Island Film Festival International.

There are many other professional and governmental organizations with close ties to location scouting and production that have their own (often members-only in the case of professional organizations…) networking forums and / or a Facebook Page such as:

…to name but a very few.



Many organizations also have a LinkedIn presence as well.

Try googling, “(name of organization) LinkedIn”.



Likewise, many organizations also have a Twitter presence.

Try googling, “(name of organization) Twitter”.



Finding Location Scouts – Location Managers on Twitter

I am always curious who the other people out there in cyberspace are that are somehow associated with location scouting and location management for film / tv and photo, so I felt lucky to discover that Twitter has its own search engine now, search.twitter.

So… using the boolean search terms “location scout” OR “location scouts” OR “location scouting” OR “location manager” OR “location managers”, I came up this query to find Twitter tweets based on same.

What’s even kewler is Twitter provides an Atom feed for any query 🙂 it’s aggregated below 🙂 with the 10 most recent tweets that contain any of the search terms.

What is Twitter, anyway?

Wikipedia has the the following to say about Twitter:



Wikipedia | Twitter

Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users’ updates (otherwise known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length.

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Twitter | About

Twitter, Inc. was born out of the offices of Obvious in March of 2006. We are located in the beautiful South Park neighborhood of San Francisco, California.

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