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Location scout resources for the Long Island, NY area

including film office information, facts, news, other references and data of interest to location scouts, location managers and other production personnel.

Nassau County, Long Island, NY

Nassau County, Long Island, NY

Location Scout Resources: Nassau County, NY Film Commission / Long Island Film & TV Foundation

This is the first I have seen of the Nassau County, NY (Long Island) Film Commission page on the Nassau County website and I’ve really only noticed the Long Island Film & TV Foundation website in maybe the past year. ( I look for these things!)

Nassau County, NY Film Office (NCFO)

A Message From The County Executive Thomas R. Suozzi

Film, television and commercial production continues to be a major part of Nassau County’s economic development. Because of our close proximity to New York City and the fact that the majority of our locations are in the zone, Nassau County is the ideal locale to film your projects

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Debra Markowitz is Director of the Nassau County Film Commission. Debra and her staff are a great resource for location scouts and other film production professionals.

Long Island Film And TV Foundation

Long Island Film And TV Foundation

Long Island Film & TV Foundation (LIFilm)

The Foundation

The Long Island Film & TV Foundation is established to stimulate and encourage film and TV production on Long Island. Since film and activities on the Island account for over 40 million dollars in revenues per year, the foundation hopes to invite future projects to our area by working closely with industry executives, financiers, film producers, TV/Cable operators and government officials.

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In conjunction with the Nassau County Film Commission, The Long Island Film & TV Foundation organizes and presents the annual Long Island International Film Expo each July.

LIFilm’s Board includes two individuals I know personally, Debra Markowitz (NCFO) and Debbie Regan (Debbie Regan Locations) as well as a distinguished list of production and entertainment personalities.

Long Island Film Expo

Long Island Film Expo

Long Island International Film Expo 2008

About Long Island International Film Expo 2008

The Long Island Film/TV Foundation and the Nassau County Film Commission are proud to announce that the Long Island International Film Expo will be held at the Bellmore Movies from July 9 – 17, 2008. Cut off date for submissions will be April 1, 2008. Past festivals have hosted from 50 – 155 short and feature-length independent films from all over the globe during this weeklong film festival.

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Moon Cake

Moon Cake

Location Scout Spotlight: MoonCake, a short film by Marty Stano

MoonCake, a short film by Marty Stanos, is available on Youtube (below). Marty is obviously very busy these days shopping and showing the film.

Now, all of a sudden I’m a film reviewer– and here I thought I was just a location scout 😉

Recently Marty’s The Pitch – Mountain Dew was nominated for TED’s Ads Worth Spreading

Sometimes talent and inspiration shines as MoonCake does. The short film, shot in film noir-ish black and white, is titled Moon Cake and was directed and produced by University of Michigan film student Marty Stano. The film is set to a catchy obscure pop song the title and band I have not yet been able to place other than a comment for the film that alludes to a bootleg record called Rabbit’s Moon, all of which adds to the intrigue.

The film was produced for less than $500 and it’s like a train wreck- I cant look away! I delight in replaying the video over and over! It’s this grungy avant-gard wonderful five minute, forty-five second bit of film wack and it’s just lots of fun to watch.

Update 3/1: Music mystery solved :-)- The song is It Came in the Night by Andy Arthurs/A Raincoat from around circa 1976. This page pretty much tells it all. Also, see a reference to the music used in this video here.

Update 3/5: Up to now proving ignorance of certain aspects of film school curriculum, it has come to my attention that the music used in Moon Cake is the same score used in one release of director Kenneth Anger’s classic avant-gard short film, Rabbit’s Moon.

Anecdote: There have been several releases of Rabbit’s Moon, the most recent release, on The Films of Kenneth Anger, Volume One, in fact uses a number of ’50’s doo-wop titles as the score for Rabbit’s Moon.

I know all these things now because the intrigue compelled me to order the The Films of Kenneth Anger, Volume One DVD online to check out Rabbit’s Moon!

The Japanese folklore of the Rabbit In The Moon, (the view from Earth of the surface of the Moon is different in the far east than that visible in the western hemisphere and to many resembles a rabbit- part of the celebration of this lore is having children put out rice cakes for the rabbit;-) is present in many areas of film and music around the world including a house music trio from Tampa, FL named Rabbit In The Moon.

There are certainly similarities in the style of cinematography used in Marty Stano’s Moon Cake and Kenneth Anger’s Rabbit’s Moon, in fact, now having more background about both films I daresay Moon Cake draws a heavy influence from Rabbit’s Moon, but dont feel the results have been presented in a way that could be construed as plagiarist or improper. Instead, I might suggest that Moon Cake pays tribute to Rabbit’s Moon in a very flattering way.

MoonCake was entered in a Steven Speilberg – affiliated show named “The Lot”, but Marty’s film didn’t win and The Lot is a wrap.

The Lot was a tv joint by reality tv kingpin Mark Burnett and producer-director Steven Speilberg (who needs no introduction) whereby filmmakers submit films online for consideration for a $1 mil development deal prize with Dreamworks.

The Lot was all the chatter over on the Wheresspot Board, wherein a number of participants have submitted film projects to The Lot.

Followup: MoonCake was since accepted as an entry in the annual Long Island International Film Expo

Long Island Film Expo

Long Island Film Expo

Heads up- Long Island Intl Film Expo 2007 + and Moon Cake!

In case you didnt know, the Long Island International Film Expo is coming up this weekend… I received an email from director Marty Stano, whose short film Moon Cake I reviewed in an earlier post alerting me that his film had been chosen for inclusion in the Expo. Atta boy, Marty, go get ’em!

The Long Island International Film Expo | July 11 – 19, 2007

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