Location Scout Review: Motorola Droid A855 Video

Review of: Droid A855
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On October 29, 2011
Last modified:April 20, 2015


Review of video features of the original Verizon Droid.

Location Scout Review: (Verizon) Motorola Droid A855 Video

A couple of weekends ago as some friends and I were riding through Harriman State Park, NY in an automobile on a sunny Autumn day, I decided it might be a good time to *finally* check out the video camera on my trusty, rusty Motorola Droid (original A855)

As a location scout, I sometimes use the Droid to send clients instant still snapshots of a location and the video could be good to show movement thru a location for the purpose of blocking in a scene for a film or a larger video project, but as you can see, while “usable”, the results are less than spectacular. The video actually looks better onscreen on the smartphone unit.

The Droid first launched in 2009, which, in the smartphone world, is like eons ago. The Droid has a 5 megapixel still and video camera, but I have never really been overall impressed with the photo quality either. It’s “serviceable” but not spectacular. Maybe I expect too much?

Many of the newer Android-based smartphones have higher-resolution cameras, faster processors and are generally faster.