News: Location Scout ShopRite Calendar


News: Location scout scenic locations from Delaware thru Connecticut

for a regional grocery retailer, ShopRite for a calendar.

Dennis Kitchen Studio


Photographed by New York City photographer Dennis Kitchen


I have the best job in the world being a location scout! I go and find pretty places all along the US east coast during the most pleasant weather of the year- and get PAID for it! 😉

Man, this is livin’! Thanks, Dennis!

  • Nothing Serious, Inc.
  • Benjamin Represents, NYC


ShopRite – Wikpedia

ShopRite Supermarkets is a retailers’ cooperative (co-op) chain of supermarkets in the northeastern United States, with stores in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Based in Keasbey, New Jersey, ShopRite consists of 47 individually owned-and-operated affiliates with more than 230 stores, all under its corporate and distribution arm, Wakefern Food Corporation. Wakefern itself owns and operates 27 of the locations through subsidiary ShopRite Supermarkets, and is the largest affiliate in the cooperative.