Location Scout Spotlight: Kubrick 1

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On January 31, 2008
Last modified:October 11, 2012


definitive compendium of information about the late film director, Stanley Kubrick

Location Scout Spotlight – Film Director Stanley Kubrick

part one of a series of posts regarding ways others and I have been influenced by the work of the iconic 20th century filmmaker.

I have always been fascinated by the work and life of film director Stanley Kubrick.

Michael Heilemann designed the original default WordPress blogging software theme and named it Kubrick as an homage to Stanley Kubrick.

Michael Heilemann - Binary Bonsai - Kubrick

Michael Heilemann - Binary Bonsai - Kubrick

There is a link on Michael’s Kubrick page to Chicago advertising, design, and interactive firm, Coudal Partners Kubrick compendium, which is truly a treasure chest of info about film director Stanley Kubrick. Thanks Michael!

Coudal Partners - Kubrick

Coudal Partners - Kubrick