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Review of: The Shining
Directed by Stanley Kubrick, based on book by Stephen King

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On February 1, 2008
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Classic movie of the horror story, The Shining, by Stephen King; directed by Stanley Kubrick, Starring Jack Nicholson, Shelly Duval, Scatman Crothers.

Location Scout Spotlight – filming locations for The Shining (1980)

Part three of a series of posts regarding ways others and I have been influenced by the work of the iconic 20th century film director Stanley Kubrick.

I had always heard that Stephen King spent some time at Mohonk Mountain House (New Paltz, NY) researching / writing The Shining and that actual filming was done at a resort in Oregon, but according to this page, the Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood, OR was only used for a few exteriors and the interiors were filmed at Elstree Studios in London (UK)


Mohonk Mountain House – Wikipedia

The Mohonk Mountain House also known as Lake Mohonk Mountain House, is a historic American resort hotel located on the Shawangunk Ridge in Ulster County, New York. Its prominent location in the town of New Paltz is just beyond the southern border of the Catskill Mountains on the western side of the Hudson River. Two important policy conferences of domestic and international significance have taken place at the hotel.

Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz, NY


Elstree Film Studios – Wikipedia

“Elstree Studios” is a generic term which can refer to several film studios based in or around the towns of Borehamwood and Elstree in Hertfordshire, England. A number of studios have existed in this area since film production began in 1927. Some of those studios no longer exist, but several studios still survive today. They are all owned by different organisations and produce both motion pictures and television programmes. The BBC for example has studios in Elstree, named “BBC Elstree Studios”, whereas another company, Elstree Studios Limited, own a separate site known as “Elstree Studios”. As a result confusion often occurs.

Elstree Film Studios, London, UK


Timberline Lodge – Wikipedia

Timberline Lodge is a mountain lodge on the south side of Mount Hood in Oregon, about 60 miles (97 km) east of Portland.

Built in the late 1930s, this National Historic Landmark sits at an elevation of 5,960 feet (1,817 m), within the Mount Hood National Forest and is accessible through the Mount Hood Scenic Byway. It is a popular tourist attraction, drawing more than a million visitors annually. It is noted in film for serving as the exterior of the Overlook Hotel in The Shining.

Timberline Lodge, Mount Hood, Oregon

Coudal Partners – Kubrick

Coudal Partners Kubrick Page

Tangentially Kubrick related: spent some time today in Estes Park, Colorado at The Stanley Hotel, which was the inspiration for The Shining and was where Stephen King wrote it over a five month period. – sd-08.04.07″


Stanley Hotel – Wikipedia

The Stanley Hotel is a 138-room neo-Georgian hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. Located within sight of the Rocky Mountain National Park, the Stanley offers panoramic views of the Rockies. It was built by Freelan O. Stanley of Stanley Steamer fame and opened on July 4, 1909, catering to the rich and famous, including the Titanic survivor Margaret Brown, John Philip Sousa, Theodore Roosevelt, the Emperor and Empress of Japan, and a variety of Hollywood personalities.

…The neoclassical hotel was the inspiration for the fictional Overlook Hotel in Stephen King’s novel The Shining. While he and his wife were staying at the Stanley, King conceived the basic idea for the novel. ..

…In May 2006, investigators with The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) investigated the hotel for the SciFi program Ghost Hunters…

…Ghost Adventures also filmed an episode there in the 4th season.

Stanley Hotel, Estes Colorado

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Film Director Stanley Kubrick at IMDB Bio

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Stanley Kubrick – Wikipedia

Stanley Kubrick (July 26, 1928 – March 7, 1999) was an American film director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer and editor who did most of his work as an expatriate in the United Kingdom. He is regarded as one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. His films, typically adaptations of novels or short stories, are noted for their “dazzling”[1] and unique cinematography, attention to details to achieve realism and an inspired use of music scores. Kubrick’s films covered a variety of genres, including war, crime, romantic and black comedies, horror, epic and science fiction. Kubrick was also noted for being a perfectionist, using painstaking care with scene staging and working closely with his actors.


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