Location Scout Video: Sparkill Creek


Location Scout Video: Sparkill Creek, Piermont, New York – Video of a cute spot in Piermont, NY out exploring and location scouting one gorgeous Fall day.

Wikipedia: Piermont, NY / Sparkill Creek:

Sparkill Creek cuts through the north end of the Hudson Palisades, providing easy access to the fertile valley of the unnavigable upper Hackensack River. “Tappan Landing,” “Tappan Slote”, or “Taulman Landing,” as the little port was called, thus became the original port for southern Orange County. The valley in the Palisades created by the creek also provided a way for the Erie Railroad to easily reach the Hudson, and the railroad built a long pier in 1839 as its principal terminal. The pier and the nearby mountains suggested a new name for the community, which was incorporated as a village in 1850. The pier was a major embarkation point for World War II troops traveling from Camp Shanks to the European Theater.