Location Scout Video: Time Lapse Drive

Video: Time Lapse Drive Harrington Pk NJ to Ringwood St Pk NJ

Location Scout Video: Time Lapse Drive Harrington Park, New Jersey to Ringwood State Park, New Jersey – I started playing around with my Flip Video Camera, wondering if it might be good to use as a practical tool at my job as a location scout and in my adventures I ended up learning how and experimenting with time-lapse video.

I was pleased at how the video turned out, but a bit sad because the Flip quit working toward the end of the day I shot this video 🙁 The camera was mounted on a threaded 1/4-20 stud (standard tripod mount) on the top of my truck and was therefore exposed to the weather elements all day, which, at the time, included 32 degree + temperatures in areas with lots of overhanging trees that had received amounts of combined snow, rain and ice the night before so were dripping water quite a bit as we drove under them. Sadly, I didnt notice that the amount of water dripping was as heavy as it was until it was probably too late to avoid damage to the Flip Video Camera. All in all I was probably lucky – interestingly enough, I was able to retrieve my videos from the camera when I docked it to my computer via the usb interface, but the camera would not not record. Live and learn.