Location Scout VR Pano: Perkins Tower

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New York State Parks, Palisades Interstate Park Commission, Bear Mountain State Park

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On April 20, 2010
Last modified:October 29, 2012


Perkins Tower area of Bear Mountain State Park, NY provides majestic views of the Hudson River and Harriman State Park. Perkins Tower is accessible by car only during fair, dry weather but hiking trails, including the Appalachian Trail lead to the tower and are open in just about any weather.

Location Scout VR Panorama: Perkins Tower, Bear Mountain State Park, NY – Bear Mountain State Park – NYS Parks

The Perkins Memorial Tower atop Bear Mountain affords spectacular views of the park, the Hudson Highlands and Harriman State Park.

Perkins Tower, Bear Mountain State Park, NY photographed 4/18/2010

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VR Pano - Bear Mtn SP, NY, Perkins Tower