Location Scout Resource: Williamsburg

Location Scout resources for the Boro of Brooklyn (New York City, NY) neighborhood of Williamsburg

including references, news and other information of use to location scouts, location managers and other production personnel.

Location Scout Resource: Brooklyn

See also: Location Scout Resource: Brooklyn

Location scout resources for the New York, NY Boro of Brooklyn at-large, including news, information and references of interest to location scouts, location managers and other production personnel.

Grand Theater, Williamsburg, Brooklyn – Cinema Treasures

Grand Theater, Williamsburg, Brooklyn – Cinema Treasures

The Grand Theatre was opened in late-1913. It showed B-movies and serials in the 1940’s. It closed in the 1960’s, it is now a a McDonald’s restaurant.

Grand Theater, Williamsburg, Brooklyn Contributed by Bob Dittmeier / Cinema Treasures

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Brooklyn Paper

Location Scout Quoted: Brooklyn Paper: City yells “Cut!” on filming in South Williamsburg

“…A lot of people tend to be a little bit over territorial, but what they don’t realize is that if they can deal with just a little bit of trouble, it will do their neighborhood and the city a whole lot of good,” said location scout Richard Hobbs, who claims that film crews can be a boon for local businesses.

“There are always going to be sensitive areas in the city, but the good thing is that this a big city”, Hobbs added.

“If Williamsburg is on the hot list right now, you go somewhere else.”

Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror Music Video

Music Video: Williamsburg Video Location Will Oldham Horror


Jeffrey Lewis – Wikipedia

Jeffrey Lewis (born November 20, 1975 in New York City) is an American singer/songwriter and comic book artist.

In addition to generally being a very fun-to-watch music video, it’s also very kewl that it was filmed locally around New York City and Brooklyn / Williamsburg, familiar filming / video locations abound!


Amazon Jeffrey Lewis Store

FPS Fest

Location Scout Video – FPSFest

– A visit to FPSFest at Root Digital in Green Point, Brooklyn, NYC 11/17/2009 using my customized Flip UltraHD and ModoSteady.

FPS Fest – film.photo.synthesis 11-17-2009

FPS Fest – film.photo.synthesis – FPS Fest – Film.photo.synthesis

ROOT Brooklyn | 131 North 14th, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York 11222

FPS Fest is a film screening event that explores the transition from still photography to motion. The once separate industries of still photography and motion filmmaking are intersecting across a number of realms; from new technology to new demands from clients, today’s image makers are finding a new world in motion. FPS Fest provides information and stimulation about technology, techniques, and strategies to take on the future of a changing industry.