Location Scout Mobile Site

Gomez Cross-Device Website Compatibility Test Results

Users of nyc.locationscout.us Location Scout & Location Manager R. Richard Hobbs can now view a mobile version of the website on most popular smartphones and tablets such as iPhone and Android. No special url or equipment adjustments are required – … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Location Scout Geospatial Links


Location scout resources for mapping information and other geospatial knowledge Wikipedia has the following to say about geospatial analysis: Geospatial Analysis – Wikipedia Geospatial analysis is an approach to applying statistical analysis and other informational techniques to data which has … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

News: Location Scout Microsoft Cloud


News: Location Scout Microsoft Cloud Location Scouting for Microsoft (Redmond, WA) advertising print campaign. Ad Agency: Deutsch (NYC) Photographer: Jeff Reidel (NYC) Producer: Richard Hall (NYC) Location Manager: John Perez (NYC) Microsoft – Wikipedia Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Location Scout Gadget: Motorola Droid

droid video test hspny on youtube

Location Scout Gadget: Motorola Droid (Verizon Android Smartphone) – It is pretty easy to see how any location scout, location manager or any other production person could really benefit from any mobile access to email, internet, maps, GPS, 5MP digital … [CLICK TO READ MORE]