Location Scout News Fall 2011


Location Scout News Autumn 2011 – Location Scout for U.S Department of Veterans Affairs Production: Wonderful Machine Photographer / Director: Robb Scharetg More at Robb Scharetg Pictures – USDVA   Pop-up Marketing Venue Location Scout Chivas Regal Legacy Marketing Partners … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Rotating Location Scout Pano Headers

rotating pano header photos

Rotating Location Scout Panoramic Website Header Images If you haven’t already noticed, there are 48 a LOT of different rotating location scout panoramic photos on the website header area here on nyc.locationscout.us. More images will be added as time allows. … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Location Scout Mobile Site

Gomez Cross-Device Website Compatibility Test Results

Users of nyc.locationscout.us Location Scout & Location Manager R. Richard Hobbs can now view a mobile version of the website on most popular smartphones and tablets such as iPhone and Android. No special url or equipment adjustments are required – … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Location Scout News Summer 2011

Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs - nyc.locationscout.us High Tor Thumb

Location Scouting News: So far this Summer worked on: American Eagle Kids Holiday 2011 – location scouting and location management couple of days location scouting for Scoutmasters location research and location scouting for Spur Productions for Nike and Target location … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

News: Location Scout Scoutmasters Movie

Scoutmasters- IMDB

News: Location Scout for Scoutmasters (Nature Calls) Movie Recently worked a couple of days location research and location scout for Scoutmasters (Nature Calls), currently in production here in the New York City Area.     Nature Calls Movie Official Website … [CLICK TO READ MORE]