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Featured Locations: Beach and Waterfront Houses / Homes

It is summer and I have been receiving a number of location requests lately for beach and waterfront houses, so I have pulled a number of beach house locations from my location scout files an added them to a beach houses album on Locamundo:

locations-beach houses

These are beach houses, ocean-front and bay-front houses of many diverse types and architectural styles, located all over the New York City Tri-State areaJersey Shore, Long Island, Hamptons and the Connecticut Shore; in the album look for the town and a short description of the style of the house.

Location Scouting Notes:

  • Not all houses shown “own” the beach they are near, this in fact would be the exception rather than the rule, and since a private beach is a considerable real estate asset, rates for use of houses with private beaches could be reflected accordingly.
  • Beach towns and other waterfront recreational communities exist primarily for the leisure pleasure of their residents which provide much in the way of economic development and most attempt to create a pastoral, peaceful ambience, however, in the northeast U.S., some of the population density and traffic congestion from the cities and adjacent suburban areas is transferred to vacation / recreation areas during the summer months (specifically between Memorial Day and Labor Day) and can strain local vehicular traffic control, local law enforcement and local government resources in general. That said, there may be restrictions in place by towns in popular beach, other waterfront and get-away areas or there may be permits and permit fee requirements for shooting in these towns. You should check with local government (i.e. Town Clerk’s Office / Police Department) in any municipal area in which a location under consideration for use as a location may be located to find out if filming and / or photography is allowed and if there are restricted areas. A measure of common sense is in order; be realistic about what levels of impact or disruption your production vehicles or set and crew may have on traffic patterns or day-to-day life during peak times and discuss your needs with local authorities to find out if agreements can be made to accommodate all. City, County, State and National Parks may have also have restrictions with regard to areas available for filming during peak periods. Just about all have permit requirements, altho the fees can be very reasonable *if* the areas needed are, in fact available. Most, if not all have restrictions regarding filming on weekends, when the utilization of park resources are likely to be highest by the general public.
  • More remote locations with lower utilization of resources by the general public are more apt to be receptive to hosting film / video or photo shoots during the summer months, however, you must build in increased travel times, crew fees for remote locations (including possible overnight stay-overs) and other considerations into your budget. Private estates with plenty of acreage for shooting and off-street, private parking could be viable options, too, but locations of this type, close to large metro areas, when available, are likely to reflect the convenience and amenities in the fees charged by the property owners. A matter of fact that seems to be oft-overlooked is the owners of leisure / get-away / recreation / vacation properties are likely to want use of their property during the summer months for themselves and availability is likely to revolve around times when the owners have made plans to use their property or a premium rate may be charged to accommodate production during periods planned as “personal” or “quality” time. Accordingly, please be realistic about your budgetary resources when making location enquiries about beachfront / waterfront and other recreation / vacation properties during peak use times. The same could be said of many “public” properties, such as hotels, motels, bed-and-breakfasts; you are advised to plan your production well in advance and should expect to pay premium rates during months of highest demand. The summer is the “bread and butter” time for most hospitality establishments in recreational areas (including restaurants) and they must generate enough income during peak times to see them thru the lean periods such as winter.
  • Other Location Scouting notes:

  • Any enquiries regarding availability and rates should be accompanied by our location number and information requested on our Location Request Questionaire.
  • We are available to perform custom file searches, do detailed research as well as provide location scouting and location management services for your production. Please contact us for rates.

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