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On December 18, 2006
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Online photo hosting service, subsidiary of Yahoo. Of most likely use to amateur photographers, a bit too much "window dressing" on the Flickr site itself for my taste as a professional location scout for making presentations to clients for jobs altho I use the slideshows and other features extensively on my website for general purposes altho, admittedly with a little more effort on my part I could probably make it work. Quite likely a matter of preference. Try it for yourself - limited-storage accounts are available for free at www.flickr.com!

Location Scout Resource: An Embedded Flickr Slideshow

…via Paul Stamatiou HOW TO Quickie: Embedded Flickr Slideshows

Yet another web trick the aspiring location scout might want for presenting locations.

The embedding code makes use of an iframe or embed tag. I prefer the embed tag.

Hover your mouse over the slideshow window and celebrate the ajax!

Flickr now has a slideshow option for your photostream or any set, as highlighted in the screenshot below. Follow the link on your own page and the slideshow will appear, if you look in the far upper right hand corner of the slideshow you will see a “Share” link, follow that and you find options giving you the url of the slideshow and code to customize the slideshow for embedding it in a website.


Flickr PhotoStream page with the Slideshow link highlighted