Location Scout Resource: Tools + Utilities

Location Scout Resource: Tools + Utilities

is a collection of various (mostly) electronic tools I know (because I have used…) or I think might be useful for a location scout, location manager or other production person. Could be a website (with an online “tool” (?), software, etc. Most are free, but if there is some cost involved, I’ll try to mention it.

Location Scout Resource: Tools + Utilities 2

See also: Location Scout Resource: Tools + Utilities 2

More tools and resources for location scouts and other production folks

Location Scout Notes: Production Estimating

See also: Location Scout Notes: Production Estimating

Once you stretch your legs a bit as a location scout / location manager, if you have aspirations to broaden your horizons, you may be presented with opportunities to work in other production department roles, such as a production coordinator, line producer, or even executive producer. The Assistant Director often seems to be tasked with production chores. Any way you slice it, it is all about making things happen to make the production “come together” and a big part of those challenges revolve around cost control and communicating how much different aspects of a production are likely to cost to those entities in charge of allocating money from the production budget.

Dependent Films Tools & Utilities for Filmmakers

Location Scout Resource: Dependent Films | Tools & Utilities for filmmakers

You’ve now entered the Dependent Films Download Center. It’s unbelievable 1) how much these files can help, and 2) how hard all of these tools are to find on the net.

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  • !Script Template for Word

    A nice template for Word. Comprehensive menus and customizable macros. (69K)

  • Script Maker

    Very simplistic template for Microsoft Word. Macro’s make this template extremely easy to use. (53K)

  • Simply Screenplay

    Once again, something we use periodically. Can be set up to format either screenplays or sitcom formats. (96.6K)

  • 🙂 Location Release Form
  • 🙂 Location Scouting Sheet
  • …and much more
  • The above goodies are free as well 🙂

It’s true! – especially when you are going about a hundred miles an hour trying to do 20 other things and you need it NOW. That never happens to you, huh? 😉

Dependent Films – Resource for Location Scouts

Shoot on Location Location Scout Book

Location Scout Book: Shoot on Location

The Logistics of Filming on Location, Whatever Your Budget or Experience


Location Scout Book: Shoot on Location at Amazon

ISBN-10: 0240814975 | ISBN-13: 978-0240814971 | Publication Date: March 9, 2011 | Edition: 1

You have a strong vision for how your movie should look, but how do you find the perfect spot to shoot and how do you organize the complex logistics of such a shoot once you find that perfect location?

PhotoShop Express

Location Scout Resource: PhotoShop Online (PhotoShop Express)

…via ProductionNow Blogdugg

This was so cool I just had to post about it:


Check it out. Way cool. I happen to be a big fan of Adobe as it is, and this also ties in with things I’ve written about elsewhere… so, yeah, way cool.

Your Media Production Mentor ~Luke Holzmann

Photoshop Express can be very handy for a location scout doing quick touchups on location scouting photos.

I have it on my Android Tablet – it is FREE 🙂 and works GREAT 🙂

  1. Surf over to PhotoShop (dotcom). The links don’t seem to work in Google Chrome (browser), but it seems to work ok with Mozilla FireFox. I haven’t tried with Internet Explorer or other browsers.
  2. Find the link for Online Tools / PhotoShop Express Editor (or PhotoShop Express Organizer)
  3. The Editor is good for quick touchups – you can’t use the more sophisticated features found in “regular” (local software) PhotoShop like layers, channels, etc., but sometimes having an online way to do chores like quick exposure / color cast corrections and / or cropping can be *real* handy 🙂
  4. The Organizer is just what it says (you need a free account to use this – you can register / sign in on the photoshop.com website.)

PhotoShop Express Editor – file browser

PhotoShop Express Editor Edit Screen w Uploaded Photo Loaded

NYPG AICP Estimating Form

Location Scout Resource: AICP Estimating Form NYPG

NYPG (New York Production Guide)

is designed to match the AICP (Association of Independent Commercial Producers) bid/estimate categories and general workflow for independently produced television commercials.

AICP Production Estimating Form at NYPG

Download the AICP Bid/Estimate Form at NYPG

Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs at NYPG

Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs – nyc.locationscout.us Listing at NYPG

NYPG Order Page

NYPG Order Form (direct order from publisher)


Film Production at Amazon


Location Scout Discussion – Locationtalk

Discrepancies between what prod co says and what actually happens

Anonymous wrote (be sure and read the responses…):

I’m getting more and more frustrated with production companies who are less than forthright about what they actually intend to do on a shoot as opposed to what they tell me will happen when I need to apply for the filming permit.

Food for thought? yes, I think!

Be-all, end-all solutions? not likely – every shoot / client / production company / producer / production team (including the location manager / location scout(s) / town / film office(s) / property owner(s) are different and all these factors of circumstances and personalities combine to create a different dynamic each time. One can only control the things one CAN control. The best summations I can think of are:

  • Use your gut, be honest with yourself and everyone definitely and / or potentially involved – a strong line of communication between everyone is always a key to success of ANY project – try to to understand what responsibilities you might be taking on, whether it’s actual possible to deliver results, if success is doubtful are you willing to try anyway? what are the consequences of a failed effort?
  • If everybody “played nice” wouldn’t the world be a MUCH better place?

The thread ago started some time back, the original post is dated “Posted 10-01-2000, 11:39 AM” – the next followup was “Posted 01-10-2002, 06:31 AM” then, “Posted 01-21-2005, 10:47 AM” and I posted my followup a few weeks ago, “Posted 03-14-2008, 07:32 AM”, so it’s a pretty “spread out” discussion! That said, I believe the problems presented are probably ongoing, and despite the discussion being in the nabe of 8 years old, I believe it is still a relevant discussion.

Short of encouraging any sort of “rant-fest(s)”, I wish more location scouts / location managers (…and producers / production companies, film offices – even property owners… ) would take advantage of the wonderful resource I believe Locationtalk is and take part and contribute to its forums. I believe Locationtalk is an often-overlooked potential tool for many people.


Location Scout Resource: LocationTalk

– Every location scout or location manager should take advantage of LocationTalk.

This is a discussion forum for location scouts. location managers, film commissions, location agencies about filming on location

  1. LocationTalk is one of the only publicly accessible discussion board I know of devoted exclusively to location scouts and location managers.
  2. LocationTalk which has been around a while, has recently updated to a VBulletin forum format. I like the user interface a lot.
  3. Los Angeles location scout and location manager Marino Pascal owns and operates LocationTalk, locationscout.com and locations.org.

Location Scout Resource – Prop Automobiles

Location Scout Resource: Prop Cars On Location

(or in a studio! 😉 – Occasionally, particularly on smaller shoots – like photo shoots, I might be not only be the location scout, I might also be the Art Department, or wear other “hats” as well and be asked to find / make reccomendations about certain significant props, such as automobiles, so there are a number of resources I regularly refer to at such times.

Some location scout / production prop automobile – picture vehicle resources

    …via NY411


  • Autoprops

    Autoprops-Waterworks is the modeling agency for fine automobiles and automotive props. We cater to the feature film industry,video productions, still photographers and any other special events.

  • Cars on Location

  • Cars On Location

    Cars On Location picture and prop automobiles for film, tv and photo in the New York, NY area.

  • Cooper Classic Cars

  • Cooper Classic Cars – Sports Cars – Exotic Cars – Antique Cars

    Elliot Cuker, host of ESPN‘s “Legends of the Road,” welcomes you to Cooper Classics Collection – his unique fine art gallery and classic car showroom located in the heart of New York City’s Greenwich Village.

  • Creative Film Cars

  • Creative Film Cars

    Creative Film Cars provides the film, television, magazine, and event industries with top-notch vehicles for any kind of production. We represent thousands of the best cars, trucks, motorcycles and specialty vehicles ranging from 1880 to 2010.

  • Idea!

  • Extra Tip!
    I had to find a very specific vintage import (sports car) automobile to be used as a prop for a catalog fashion photo shoot at one time and had some luck contacting car clubs (groups of car collectors). Being based and working in a large metro area like the greater New York City area (my main office is in northern New Jersey), there were lots of local car clubs and lots of relevant online links to work with 🙂 Car collectors seem to network pretty well and they just LUV to talk cars! 🙂

NYT: “See, Officer? I can too take that picture!”

Location Scout Bill of Rights

‘See, Officer, I Can Too Take That Picture’: A Clip-and-Save Version of a Federal Directive – NYTimes.com.

The public has the right to take pictures of public buildings from public spaces.

In an ideal world, there wouldn’t be anything exceptional about this statement. But nothing has been ideal for photographers since 9/11. The mere invocation of “security” seems to trump every other consideration, including logic and the law.

read more

  • Location Scouts (and advertising photographers) are, however, advised that this only includes photographing exteriors and only from a public and otherwise unrestricted location. Additionally, usage of photographs of federal buildings and / or other federal facilities for advertising purposes may be restricted as The Federal government cannot appear to endorse a product or service. (Thanks Kathy Lando)
  • Banned for Life from the Miami-Dade Metrorail – Stretch Ledford Photography

Freelancers at RelayHouse

Find Location Scouts online at RelayHouse

– This is an oldie but goodie for finding location scouts and other production personnel on the internet, even if, at this writing, the map has not been updated since 2008. There is a list of other production crewing resource websites as well, making the RelayHouse Freelancer Finder a valuable production tool.

The map I am speaking of is here:

RelayHouse is a Montrose, Minnesota-based satellite broadcast truck supplier.

Relay House serves the midwestern states with satellite trucks based in Minneapolis, MN and Chicago, IL. Need a crew? We also serve as a one stop-shop for all your crewing needs.

Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE)

Location Scout Resource: Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE)

What is Image Composite Editor?

Microsoft Image Composite Editor is an advanced panoramic image stitcher. The application takes a set of overlapping photographs of a scene shot from a single camera location and creates a high-resolution panorama incorporating all the source images at full resolution. The stitched panorama can be saved in a wide variety of formats, from common formats like JPEG and TIFF to multi-resolution tiled formats like HD View and Silverlight Deep Zoom.

If you are a location scout (or general photographer) looking for a digital photo panorama stitcher, you might want to give this a go.

Many of the Header Images here on nyc.locationscout.us were assembled using Microsoft Image Composite Editor

I have many location scout panorama images at Locamundo and Flickr that were assembled using Microsoft Image Composite Editor

Hugin Panorama Photo Stitcher

Location Scout Resource: Panorama Photo Stitcher Software

Hugin – Panorama photo stitcher

Goal: an easy to use cross-platform panoramic imaging toolchain based on Panorama Tools. With Hugin you can assemble a mosaic of photographs into a complete immersive panorama, stitch any series of overlapping pictures and much more.

read more

If you are a location scout (or general photographer) you might want to give this a go. Microsoft Ice is great for stitching together location scout panoramas as well.

Hugin – Wikipedia

Hugin is a cross-platform open source panorama photo stitching and HDR merging program developed by Pablo d’Angelo and others. It is a GUI front-end for Helmut Dersch’s Panorama Tools and Andrew Mihal’s Enblend and Enfuse. Stitching is accomplished by using several overlapping photos taken from the same location, and using control points to align and transform the photos so that they can be blended together to form a larger image. Hugin allows for the easy (optionally automatic) creation of control points between two images, optimization of the image transforms along with a preview window so the user can see whether the panorama is acceptable. Once the preview is correct, the panorama can be fully stitched, transformed and saved in a standard image format.

Thanks Sam Rohn for reminding me about this great software.


VR Panorama at Amazon

Location Scout Google Calendar Review

See Also: Google Calendar Review by Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs

Location Scout Resource: Google Free Online Calendar

Location scouting is production work. Production work is done on a schedule, to a schedule. Times and dates are a big part of the picture. Nuff said?

Location Scout Resource: WriteToMyBlog


Windows Live Writer

See also: Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs Review of Blog Authoring Tools

Location Scout Resource: Internet Web Log (Blog) Authoring Tools

The competent 21st century freelance location scout, more and more each day, needs to be computer savvy and adept and communicating electronically, both as a job duties and unless having a fulltime location scouting job on staff with a studio or with a long-running show, as a marketing tool. Below are a couple of tools I have found handy at one time or another along the way.

Inbox Zero

Location Scout Inbox Zero

Are you running your email or is your email running you?

Below is a podcast of a very enlightening talk given by life hacking guru and 43Folders creator Merlin Mann.

There is also now a companion website.


43 Folders Feed

Filmmaking Tips!

See also: Location Scout Resource – Pengin Productions | Filmmaking Tips

What follows is a long list of tips that are based on things I’ve learned while making movies.

Location Scouting Tips – VideoMaker

Location Scout Resource: VideoMaker: 11 Tips for Location Scouting

There is a valuable informational article on VideoMaker entitled 11 Tips for Location Scouting which includes some basic flight-checks relevant to location scouting.

By virtue of being included in an article on a site called VideoMaker, the tips would seem to be suggested specifically for those in the video production profession, however, I feel the points raised are also general enough to cover many issues and challenges typically encountered location scouting for film and photography projects as well.

Here are the titles of the location scouting tips:

  1. Know your script
  2. Scout at the right time
  3. Look at light
  4. Follow the sun
  5. Check for power supplies
  6. Listen (not quite as important for stills – RH)
  7. Examine the elements
  8. Decide where to set up
  9. Get permission
  10. Evaluate the area
  11. And finally, take notes!

Merely listing the tips doesn’t do the VideoMaker article justice, much more valuable additional information is available if you read the actual article.

A while back I included a link in a post on locationscout.us to another good article on VideoMaker entitled Video Pre-Production FAQ. Admittedly, there are lots of production links in that particular article on locationscout.us; the quickest way to find the link (if you don’t want to simply follow the link above? – duh 😉 …or maybe some other production-related link you might have in mind (?) is to do a term search using your browser (Windows: CTRL-F in both IE and Firefox).

I will be adding a link to this article (which obviously includes links to the two VideoMaker articles) on my FAQS Page.

Independent Producer’s Survival Guide Book

Location Scout Book: The Independent Film Producers Survival Guide

The Independent Film Producer’s Survival Guide – A Business and Legal Sourcebook

Since this book is written for independent film producers, we are led to a threshold question: what is an independent film producer?

Any definition of “film producer” is inexact at best. But there is a reason for this. Film producers, like others involved in the film business, are defined by what they do. Producers, as we will see, have many functions, and their contributions are simultaneously more complex and also more ephemeral than the functions of actors or directors.

read more


The Independent Film Producer’s Survival Guide: A Business and Legal Sourcebook at Amazon

Images Journal – 30 Great Westerns

Location Scout Resource: Images Journal | Images – 30 Great Westerns

Welcome to our survey of “30 Great Westerns.” These are the Westerns that any fan of the genre should know. These are some of the most influential and important Westerns ever made.

This is a great page – I grew up on westerns I guess I spent most of my time as a boy up to a certain age playing cowboys and I was one of Roy Rogers’ and Gene Autry’s biggest fans!

It was fun going thru all the western movies and trying to remember which ones I had seen!

  • 30 Great Westerns is just one of many great features on the Images Journal website – if you are a movie buff (if you’re a location scout – you’re a movie buff – trust me… 😉 don’t miss the chance to check em out.

    About Images

    Images is a non-commercial Web site created for everyone who enjoys movies and popular culture. Images is published quarterly; however, new reviews will appear each week, so check back often.

    IMDB Film Terminology Glossaries

    Film Production + Location Scouting Glossaries

    Somewhat accidentally, I have stumbled upon several filmmaking glossaries of terms commonly used in the production world – someone starting out or perhaps a property owner likely to be working with a film crew on location at their home or business may find these links very useful:

    Internet Movie Database (IMDB)

    Internet Movie Database (IMDB) Movie Terminology Glossary

    * I posted about this elsewhere on this site

  • 4Filmmaking – Glossaries

    4Filmmaking’s Film Glossaries

    …from this link you will find the entire collection of glossaries, subdivided by sections of the alphabet.

    Greater Cleveland Film Commission

    Greater Cleveland Film Office Glossary of Film Terms

    Location Scout Resource: New Yorker: Film

    Location Scout Resource: The New Yorker Film File

    The New Yorker Film File collects nearly two thousand short reviews of films released from 1990 to the present. Reviews are arranged alphabetically.


    Location Scout Resource: Documentary Films .Net

    Documentary Film News, Documentary Videos | Documentary Films .Net | Mission Statement

    Founded in 1998, Documentary Films .Net was relaunched with renewed energy in 2006. This site provides documentary film information and resources to both viewers and filmmakers. Documentary Films .Net is 100% volunteer driven and is lucky to have a devoted base of filmmakers, reviewers, IT people and students to keep the dream alive.

    read the rest

    Documentary Films.Net features a number of sections including:

    Location Scout Site Search

    Location Scout Site Search

    Google Custom Search Engine for Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs – nyc.locationscout.us – Web content by Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs. Please use the tools on this page to search for the content you are looking for.

    Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs nyc.locationscout.us Google Custom Search

    Please notice a search box is included in the right sidebar of Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs Homepage and at the bottom in the center of the page of most other pages and posts.

    Search Powered by Rollyo

    Flickr Related Tag Browser

    Location Scout Resource: Airtight Interactive: Flickr Related Tag Browser

    Flickr Related Tag Browser lets you surf Flickr’s ‘tag space’. Flickr tags are keywords used to classify images. Each tag has a list of ‘related’ tags, based on clustered usage analysis.

    Do location scout research / find visual references using the Flickr API – one tag at a time.

    Example Search Results: “TajMahal” – screen shot:

    Flickr-related Tag Browser Example Search Results "TajMahal" Screenshot

    Black Star Rising – Six Tips Smarter Location Scouting

    Location Scout Resource: Six Tips for Smarter Location Scouting | Black Star Rising

    Here are six tips for cost-conscious, time-sensitive and environmentally friendly location scouting:

    read more


    Location Scout Resource: FilmMakers.com – The Art and ShowBiz of Film Making

    FilmMakers.com features articles and info on filmmakers, filmmaking, film festivals, film schools, indies, short and feature length films for sale; database, distribution, production, and much, much, more.

    read the rest

    Filmmakers.com – Shooting Abroad

    Filmmakers.com | Indies | Shooting Abroad: Know the Ins and Outs Before Leaving the Runway

    By Hal Rifken for Filmmakers.com | July 21, 2005

    One of the perks of being a free lance DP is unexpected travel to often exotic places around the world. Over the past decade, I’ve filmed a food show in Borneo, an industrial on the gulf coast of Mexico, in a small galley on the Malaysian Orient Express, and in the most arid region of the world: the copper fields of Northern Chile.

    read more

    About the Author | Hal Rifken

    Hal Rifken has shot in more than thirty countries, frequently under less than structured circumstances.

    His Manhattan-based production company (www.HMRifken.com) has a diverse list of clients—from multinationals requiring the latest in high end HD acquisition to modest documentary projects calling for DV hand held cameras…

    read more

    Bright Lights Film Journal

    Location Scout Resource: Bright Lights Film Journal

    Movie reviews, film and production news, cinema history and lore are all great troves of information for a location scout to draw upon in the the course of one’s work.

    Bright Lights Film Journal

    Bright Lights Film Journal is a popular-academic hybrid of movie analysis, history, and commentary, looking at classic and commercial, independent, exploitation, and international film from a wide range of vantage points from the aesthetic to the political.

    Feature Shoot Blog – Location Scout

    Feature Shoot / Location Scout

    Location Scout is a new section on Feature Shoot where we spotlight studios, lofts, houses, remote locations and any other space that can be rented for photo shoots.

    The last post in feature Shoot’s Location Scout section featured a unique loft apartment location in Soho, NYC, Meet at the Apartment and previously, Greystone Court, a 28-room mansion in Yonkers, NY.

    At this writing I have not shot at Meet at the Apartment, but I have been involved a number of times with productions working at Greystone Court and it’s always an enjoyable experience.

    You’d better run fast if you want to shoot at Greystone Court, though, it is now for sale

    Film Literature Index

    Film Literature Index Home

    The Film Literature Index (FLI) annually indexes 150 film and television periodicals from 30 countries cover-to-cover and 200 other periodicals selectively for articles on film and television. The periodicals range from the scholarly to the popular. More than 2,000 subject headings provide detailed analysis of the articles.

    read more

    Filmmaking.net Location Scout FAQ

    Location Scout FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    filmmaking.net | Internet Filmmaker’s FAQ : Location Scout:

    Location Scout | By Benjamin Craig, filmmaking.net

    A location scout is a person that reads the script for a film and goes about finding appropriate locations for shooting. Scouting locations may be a simple as doing local reconnaissance or be as complex as tripping all over the world in the search for the perfect location. Budget will of course dictate how much work a location scout will do.

    read the rest

    Producers Alliance – Yahoo Groups

    Location Scout Resource: International Producers Alliance

    International Producers Alliance is a Yahoo Group

    This networking forum has been established to distill the enormous “Above-The-Line” and Key “Below-The-Line Talent” in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe, and around the globe… simply be, “A PRODUCER’S ONE-STOP RESOURCE”.

    Membership is free, however, registration is required and applications must be approved by the group’s moderator.

    This is a very active and vital discussion group populated by production professionals worldwide.

    One of the stated goals of the group is to raise money for charity via its IPA (International Producer’s Alliance) Foundation:

    TARGET: Donate $100 Million to charity by 2018. 100% of all money raised goes to children’s charities

    International Producers Alliance CafePress Charity Store

    International Producers Alliance CafePress Charity Store

    International Producers Alliance Foundation

    International Producer’s Alliance Foundation

    …via Mark McKennon

    /film (Slashfilm)

    Location Scout Resource: /film (slashfilm) movie site slashfilm.com

    Movie News! cuz a location scout has to know what is going on out there!

    About /Film

    /Film was created in August 2005 as an alternative movie news and review blog.

    A member of the Internet Entertainment Writers Association, /Film has been mentioned/cited by: USA Today, CNN, BBC, Rolling Stone, The Village Voice, IMDb.com’s Studio Briefing, The Orlando Herald, Wizard Magazine, Defamer, Jossip, Wikipedia, IFC Blog, movies.com, The Onion’s AV Club, Fark.com, A Socialite Life, FinalDraft.com, Stewart Copeland from The Police, Amber Tamblyn’s Official Website, Stumbleupon.com, Bloggingbaby.com, calacanis.com. /Film stories have appeared on the front page of digg.com, Netscape.com, Newsvine.com and Shoutwire.com.

    read the rest


    /film feed

    Royal Baronial Theater Camera Tilt / Shift Experiments

    Location Scout Resource: HoHum Locations Kewl Stuff

    Royal Baronial Theater | Flip Camera Tilt-Shift Visual Experiments | Posted by Reid Gershbein | via BoingBoing

    read more

    (read the comments to find out how this was accomplished)


    Royal Baronial Theater Feed

    Maps of the World – Top Feature Film Production Countries Worldwide

    Location Scout Resource: Maps of World | Feature Film Production Countries

    World map showing top 10 countries producing feature films

    view the map

    Maps of the World

    About Maps of the World

    Maps for everyone.

    Maps are everywhere on MapsofWorld.com: for students, travelers, researchers, instructors, the layman . . . just about everyone. We have physical maps, political maps, blank maps, outline maps, thematic maps – a staggering collection you can go on and on browsing. At the same time, we have dedicated channels for finance, travel, and other areas of knowledge and fun.

    Film Office Directories

    Location Scout Resource: List of links to websites with directories of film offices and film commissions

    …will be updated as additional resources are discovered.


    Nikonians: Location Scout Podcast

    The Nikonians On Location #32 – Location Scouting

    Martin covers preparing for shoots – in particular looking for suitable locations, a task which can make you a lot more productive and efficient when you are shooting with assistants, models and other photographers.

    read more

    Open Directory Film Production

    Location Scout Resource: Open Directory Film Production

    About the Open Directory Project

    The Open Directory Project is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors.

    read more

    Open Directory – Business: Arts and Entertainment: Media Production: Film

    2 | 3 | 6 | A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | R | S | T | U | V | W | Z

    read more

    Yahoo! Movies

    Location Scout Resource: Yahoo! Movies

    If you are going to be a location scout for movies and tv, you have to actually *watch* tv and movies to keep abreast of what’s new as well as have a grounding in the history and memorable scenes (specially the locations! 😉 of movies and television to use as references when discussing location ideas for new work.

    Location Scout Resource: Yahoo! Movies: Read Movie Reviews, Find Showtimes and View Trailers

    Yahoo! Movies is your guide to everything about movies online, from upcoming releases, to movies in theaters and movies on DVD. Find trailers and clips, movie news, cast & credits, celebrity photos, movie showtimes & tickets, box office reports and much more!

    At one time (maybe they will come back someday?) Yahoo had rss feeds of many categories of interest to moviegoers. The feeds page was still up at this writing but none of the feeds work (not found).


    Yahoo Entertainment Feeds | Movies Feeds

    • Movies Opening This Week: RSS
    • Movies Coming Soon: RSS
    • Weekend Box Office: RSS
    • Most Recent Trailers: RSS
    • Most Watched Trailers: RSS
    • Movies News & Gossip: RSS


    Yahoo Entertainment Feeds | Movies on DVD Feeds

    • Top Selling DVDs: RSS
    • New on DVD This Week: RSS
    • New on DVD Next Week: RSS
    • DVDs Available for Pre-Order: RSS


    Movies & TV at Amazon

    American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) Bulletin

    Location Scout Howto

    Ideas for locations are a huge help but there is is NO substitute in the world for a great Location Scout!

    ASMP – Searching for Great Locations – Net Scouting – Using the Internet To Discover Great Locations Faster, Cheaper

    Affiliate ASMP member and location scout pro Richard Hobbs www.rrhobbs.us has worked diligently to perfect the process of finding locations for photographers. His site, with more than 2,000 keyworded locations, gives photographers plenty of options and is easy to navigate right out of the gate.

    read the rest

  • (This is a hyperlinked version of the Net Scouting article that ran in the Spring 2005 ASMP Bulletin)
  • Wikipedia

    American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) – Wikipedia

    The American Society of Media Photographers, abbreviated ASMP, is a trade association of professional photographers, including many photojournalists but also experts in architectural, underwater, culinary and advertising photography and other specialties as well. Its members are primarily those who photograph for publication (as opposed to those who directly serve the consumer, such as wedding and portrait photographers).

    Motion Picture and Television Photo Archive (MPTV)

    Location Scout Resource: Motion Picture and Television Photo Archive (MPTV)

    founded by late Hollywood celebrity photographer legend Sid Avery has an amazing collection of entertainment industry photographs online available for browsing (…and of course, buying! 😉

    Motion Picture and Television Photo Archive | About:

    The Hollywood photograph is part of our cultural history, documenting as it does, the development and growth of a uniquely American industry. Some are significant works of art in their own right. Thoughtless of the future, some film studios and periodicals, even Photographers themselves, discarded old negatives and prints, or stored them haphazardly. We have already lost too many through deterioration and disposal. If these fragile and irreplaceable images are allowed to disappear, they can never be recaptured.

    Fortunately, we have come to realize that these fast disappearing works substantially shaped and influenced the lives of most twentieth century Americans, and will provide an invaluable visual resource for present and future generations. However, as in the case of other endangered species, it is crucial to act now.

    The aim of MPTV is to provide a permanent photography center with a special emphasis on the Hollywood photograph and the creative achievements of the Photographers.

    read the rest


    Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs Location Scouting Listmania List

    Location Scouting at Amazon

    Filmmaking at Amazon