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On February 16, 2008
Last modified:December 28, 2012


Well-known online calendar to assist with scheduling for everyone, featuring extensive capabilities for sharing, collaborating and publishing.

Location Scout Resource: Google Free Online Calendar

Location scouting is production work. Production work is done on a schedule, to a schedule. Times and dates are a big part of the picture. Nuff said?

A lot of location scouting and location management tasks also involve working online, so it is helpful to have at one’s disposal online and / or electronic time management resources and the skills to use them.

One such resource is Google Calendar. As with many tools Google, Google Calendar is free.

If you have never used Google Calendar:

You will need a Google account. Go there. Get an account. It’s free and you can open Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Maps, Notebook, Docs, Picasa Photos, Chat accounts and take advantage of many other useful productivity tools for free or cheap.

Ya got little to lose.*

*(full disclosure motivates me to mention there are parties (ref 1) (ref 2) who consider Google a danger to personal privacy, but I have never personally had any reservations about using Google.

In any case, this post is sposed to be about Google Calendar… It is beyond the scope of this post to teach you to use Google Calendar, or any other Google tools (a lot of it is basic computer skills and plain common sense – you have to be motivated to apply yourself at least just a little!) however here are a couple of resources I found for help making the most of Google Calendar: