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Location scouting in NJ in April for Human Footprint

an American remake of the original UK TV Channel 4 Human Footprint tv documentary, which details in a fascinating manner all the “things” we, as humans, consume and/or use in a lifetime. Not sure NJ got the shoot for a variety of demographic, aesthetic and budgetary reasons (the production team was also scouting the Hudson Valley in NY State when I last spoke to them), but it was fun to show them what NJ might have to offer and have a chance to work with television director Clive Maltby (UK) and the rest of the Touch Productions (UK) U.S. location scouting contingent.

Update: Location Scout for Human Footprint

update – this show got made – in upstate NY (Catskills). …via …via Hudson Valley Blog Party …via | National Geographic’s Human Footprint – RH



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