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UPDATED: April 16, 2019

LMGI - Location Managers Guild International

Location Managers Guild International (LMGI) Awards

YOU BELONG HERE From Hollywood to Bollywood, New York to London, Sweden to Thailand, the Sahara to Antarctica – LMGI’s members serve the film and television industry with creativity, ingenuity, savvy and boldness. We exist to proudly support location professionals and the global film community – to connect you, elevate you, educate you and advocate for you. No matter where in the world you work and what your union affiliation is, if you are dedicated to our craft – you belong here.
...

Congratulations to NY Award Winners Josh Karan & John Hutchinson and all the LMGI 2018 Award Winners!

LOS ANGELES, April 7, 2018 – The Location Managers Guild International (LMGI) announced the winners of its 5th Annual Location Managers Guild International Awards. (read more...)

New York Location pro Jimmy Ayoub LMGI presented the 2018 Trailblazer Award to New York Location Manager Josh Karan LMGI (Founder, ALSAM).
OUTSTANDING LOCATIONS IN A COMMERCIAL / Volkswagon: Atlas – Charlie Love LMGI, Jof Hanwright LMGI, John Hutchinson LMGI


Blog Talk Radio: 123 Film Easy: Guest:Chris Baugh/Location Manager/Argo/Steve Jobs/Passengers

Chris Baugh has been a Los Angeles-based location manager for the past two decades. After obtaining degrees in Film Studies, French and Critical Theory from UC Irvine and Sorbonne Paris-III in Paris, France, Chris went on to work as a supervising location manager with directors including Ron Howard, Steven Spielberg, Cameron Crowe, Ben Affleck, Nancy Meyers and Danny Boyle. His credits include “Argo,” “Angels and Demons,” “We Bought a Zoo,” “Secretariat,” “The Holiday” and “Steve Jobs” Chris’ has most recently completed the Morten Tyldum feature “Passengers” opening in theaters in December 2016. As a former LMGA board member, Chris is dedicated to supporting his colleagues and improving the image of location professionals worldwide. Chris has won the California on Location Award for four years straight "Argo" (2012) Location Manager of the Year, "Transcendence" (2013) Location Team of the Year, "The Gambler" (2014) Location Team of the Year and "Steve Jobs" (2015) Location Manager of the Year. You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @123Film


Questions for Paul Kostick, Location Scout

By Constance Rosenblum Published: March 14, 2013
Paul Kostick, a New Yorker by way of Colorado (where he studied acting and directing) and Seattle (where he began his career in 1992 working for Tom Hanks) has seen the inside of more of the city’s homes than most New Yorkers.
...

Location Manager Phillip Roope Interview

Location Manager Spotlight - Baz Luhrman's Australia

- Baz Luhrman's Australia: the epic Outback - Daily Telegraph
"The challenges involved with making a film of this scale in this place are immense," said the location manager, Phillip Roope, whose film credits include Superman Returns, The Beach and Tomorrow Never Dies. "We have our own water trucks, a grader for making roads and I think we must have hired every rental car in the Top End." ...
...


Australia at Amazon

Baz Luhrman’s Australia at Amazon

Location Scout Period Features

Location Scout Cited: Period Features

Period Features Newsletter | ...via Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs - nyc.locationscout.us - pingback
Period Features is a small company based in the attractive market town of Leek, on the edge of the Peak District . We aim to be an outstanding source of products for period homes, and to always provide excellent, friendly service.
I found a trackback on nyc.locationscout.us and asked myself, "what in the world would a period furnishings shop in England have to do with a location scouting website like mine?"

So I followed their link to their newsletter to the "Enquire Within" column - which contains an article with tips for owners of period homes to use getting their homes used by location scouts and production companies:
Have you ever wondered what it takes to get your home featured in magazine advertisements and as a TV and film location?
... read the rest ... The article lists my Information for Property Owners article from my FAQS as well as links to several other websites with links for listing properties for use as film, photo, video / tv or event locations: It's always fun and interesting (and often useful) to find out about other people, companies and organizations around the world involved in activities the same / similar or otherwise related to what you do 🙂

Brand Republic | Campaign | Location scout features in Land Rover ad by RKCR/Y&R | by Campaign Staff | 12-Aug-08, 11:25 | ...via Google Alerts
LONDON - It's all about location, location, location for Land Rover in its new global integrated campaign to promote the Discovery 3 vehicle.
The 60-second TV ad, created by RKCR/Y&R, features a fictional Hollywood film location scout, Patrick Ranahan, on his quest to find the perfect shot of a desert cactus.


TV Commercials at Amazon

Scott Clark - Location Manager

AMC – Blogs Breaking Bad Location Manager Scott Clark Q&A

Breaking Bad's location manager takes AMCtv.com on a virtual tour of the Albuquerque destinations seen throughout Season 2, explaining how each spot fills Vince Gilligan's "tweakiness" requirement.

...via AMC - Blogs - Breaking Bad - Q&A - Scott Clark (Location Manager).

  • Scott is also a Q-spheres and Locamundo partner.


Breaking Bad at Amazon

Yours Oughta be in Pictures - Rockland Magazine

Rockland Magazine / Locations / Location Scouts

Rockland Magazine Local Movie Homes - Location Scouts - Yours Oughta be in Pictures...

You probably wouldn’t recognize these Rockland homes if you passed them on the street, but they’ve starred in some famous Hollywood flicks. Think your home has movie-star potential? Charles Mouquin and his wife, P.J., barely had to break their daily routine—or even a sweat—to earn in 17 days what many people earn in a year. The Sparkill couple simply had to—all expenses paid, thank you very much—spend a night in a ritzy Manhattan hotel and briefly put their dogs in a kennel during a nighttime shoot. How did the Mouquins snag such a sweet deal? Last year they rented out their 9,000-square-foot Sparkill mansion on 19 acres to 20th Century Fox for the filming of Stay, its movie starring Ewan McGregor, Ryan Gosling and Naomi Watts. OK, so the psychological thriller’s box-office take was a drop in the bucket compared to its estimated $50 million budget. But no matter: The Mouquins still got a tidy bundle for the use of their Second Empire Victorian home built in 1873. (The couple was reticent about revealing the exact amount, but let’s just say it was a healthy five-figures.
...

Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs interviewed and quoted

several times in the above article. Ms. Higgon's article, in my (admittedly biased) opinion, gives a pretty even-handed overview of what a property owner might expect in the course of an encounter with a location scout or film crew if approached with regard to having their property used for filming or during the course of a number of in-production filming situations.


Rockland County NY at Amazon

True Grit Location Manager Interview - Washington City Paper

A Chat With True Grit Chief Location Scout Tyson Bidner

Arts Desk - Washington City Paper - The Making of True Grit: A Chat with Chief Location Scout Tyson Bidner - Arts Desk - Washington City Paper.
True Grit is set on the American frontier in the 1880s. For a film of this genre, locations are crucial. Tyson Bidner, the chief location scout for True Grit, says, "For me, finding the right locations for the film began when I read the book a few years ago, before we started the scouting process. From the book, I could feel the tone and get a feel for the era. Once I received the script, we were able to roll up our sleeves and start scouting." New Mexico became the location of choice–a state where both the Coen brothers and Bidner had worked before.


True Grit at Amazon

Chariots of Fire Movie

Chariots of Fire Location Manager Interview

Story of the Scene: 'Chariots of Fire', Hugh Hudson (1981) - The Independent
When location manager Iain Smith turned up on the beach at St Andrews at 5am in the morning, he assumed the shoot would go smoothly this time round. The opening shot for Chariots of Fire showed the athletes in training, running through the sea. Since ...
...


Wikipedia - Chariots of Fire

Internet Movie Database (IMDB)

Chariots of Fire at IMDB


Chariots of Fire at Amazon

Film Scouts Interviews

Film Scouts Interviews:

Lawrence Bender on Good Will Hunting by Henri Behar

Remember the blizzard in Manhattan a few years ago? That's when Good Will Hunting kind of gelled. ...So we started shooting that a week after we wrapped The Price Above Rubies. At which I had to be up location scouting. Two weeks later, we green lit Jackie Brown, which started shooting three weeks before we wrapped Good Will Hunting. It's been crazy.

Internet Movie Database (IMDB)

Good Will Hunting at IMDB


Good Will Hunting at Wikipedia


Good Will Hunting at Amazon

Steve Knee Interview - BizBash

Location Scout Steve Knee Interview at BizBash

via Google Blogs Alerts Steven Knee, a long-time New York City location scout, was recently interviewed by online event planning resource portal, BizBash. Somewhere in the foggy cobwebs of my mind I think Steve and I may have met or spoken at one time, but it would have been some time back and I am not sure he would remember, either. In any case, Steve is a fairly well-known area location scout and gives good interview about his job as a New York City location scout and location manager!

CBS News - Location Scout

Anthony Mason looks at the fascinating, yet often invisible world of movie location scouting

Features Nick Carr of Scouting NY. ...

The life of a movie location scout Videos CBS News

Stumped Magazine - Location Scout

Stumped At the Video Store | The Complete Guide to Location Scouting

Manhattan Edition with John Fedynich | by Chris Neumer; e-mail Chris Location Scouting - Article - Stumped? - Stumped At the Video Store is a Magazine About Movies, DVD releases, actors, filmakers, and more.
It takes a lot more than one might imagine to secure locations and shoot in New York City. Veteran location manager, John Fedynich, takes Chris Neumer on his own location scouting expedition and together the two find the perfect Manhattan alley, stumble into some intriguing neighborhoods and deal with unexpected problems. After this article, you'll never look at that Fifth Avenue setting in the same way again.
...read the rest... This is a wonderful article that someone added as an external link somewhere along the way to the Wikipedia Location Scouting article

Location Manager Michael Burmeister

Location Manager Spotlight: View Finder

Portfolio.com | Careers | Job of the Week | View Finder | Location Manager Michael Burmeister | by Michelle V. Rafter
Michael Burmeister can make Utah look like Antarctica and New Mexico resemble Mars. That's just a day's work for the location manager, who's scouted locales for movies ranging from Tropic Thunder to the upcoming Terminator sequel.
  • Photo Slideshow
  • ...

    Bruce Parry - IMDB

    Location Manager Spotlight: Bruce Parry - Bruce Parry: Life after the 'Amazon' - The Independent

    Bruce has crammed a remarkable amount into less than four decades: a Royal Marine for five years, an expedition leader, a location manager for pop videos and, for the past six years, TV presenter specialising in the raw edges of the world, with Tribe. This week he adds two more strings to his bow with his book, Amazon, and a CD of music commissioned to benefit the charity Survival International. ...

    Internet Movie Database (IMDB)

    Bruce Parry - IMDB


    Bruce Parry at Amazon

    Location Scout - NYT

    New York Times: In Person: Location Scout David Fitzgerald

    New York Times | In Person | Giving Commercials Their Best Shot | By DEBRA GALANT | Published: October 26, 1997
    To David Fitzgerald, New Jersey suburbia essentially breaks down into two basic types: Norman Rockwell and Edward Scissorhands.
    ...

    Kevin Hodder - Location scout - Budget Travel Online

    Celebrity Location Scout Kevin Hodder

    Budget Travel Online | How Location Scout Kevin Hodder Got His Awesome Job

    Read our interview with the location scout for Survivor and Treasure Hunters | Tuesday, August 22, 2006
    BT: How did you get your awesome job? Kevin: I was working as a mountain guide in my hometown of Whistler, British Columbia. In 1996, the Eco-Challenge Expedition Race came to Whistler. (The Eco-Challenge was a multi-sport endurance race that was held in a different international location each year. It was filmed for television) The Race Technical Director, Scott Flavelle, gave me a job working as a guide for a camera crew on the mountain section of the race course."
    ...

    Yahoo TV

    Kevin Hodder at Yahoo TV

    New York Times

    Kevin Hodder at New York Times Movies

    NY Location Scout Story - NYT

    A New York Location Scout Story

    New York Times | Lights! Camera! Action! Location Fees!

    LOCATION scouts in search of houses for use in television commercials often check in with Iris G. Stevens, director of the Westchester County Film Office. Ms. Stevens has a stack of photographs of 100-plus homes available as shooting sites.
    I call Iris at the Westchester County Film Office all the time for ideas and for guidance regarding filming in various towns and neighborhoods under Westchester Film Office jurisdiction. The Westchester County Film Office is a font of information and assistance for Westchester County; anyone that is a location scout, location manager or production coordinator that does not take advantage of Westchester Film's service is ignoring an extremely valuable resource. The article continues with a short interview with Katherine Oliver, Commissioner of the New York City Mayors Office of Film, Theater and Broadcast (MOFTB), Guy Ortoleva, Executive Director of the Connecticut Film, Video and Media Office and Betty Rankin, of Betty Rankin Locations as well as anecdotes from several fellow local location scout/managers, including Gary Handel, who also happens to own Gary's Lofts, a well-known Brooklyn filming location. (btw, Gary apparently has done so well with his loft that he has expanded into several other properties in Manhattan).
  • Check out Gary's site.
  • Even though the above mentioned newspaper article is several years old, there are a number of useful pieces of film location related info contained therein of potential interest to production personnel and local property owners alike. (Be sure and make note of the discussion regarding "the zone")

    Location Scout for Your Independent Film - Ben Lyons

    Location Scout For Your Independent Film

    About Ben Lyons | Job: Producer | Summary:
    Ben has been featured on MTV's Your Movie Show, At the Movies on MSNBC and Access Hollywood and has worked as a segment producer on the nationally syndicated Hip-Hop Nation.


    About VideoJug | Expert advice and professional know-how

    Since launching in September 2006, VideoJug has grown into the world’s most comprehensive library of free factual video content online. Our professionally-produced, high definition videos cover every conceivable topic and the site is the definitive online "encyclopaedia of life.

    Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs VideoJug Profile

    Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs VideoJug Profile

    Movie Location Scout - Via Online

    VIA Online: Movie Location Scout:

    On the Road - Nancy Haecker location scout | Scouting Las Vegas | By Amy Graff | Published July 2001

    As a location scout in Las Vegas, Nancy Haecker has matched scripts with locales for films such as 3000 Miles to Graceland and America’s Sweethearts. Currently, she’s assisting director Steven Soderbergh (Traffic and Erin Brockovich) on a remake of the Rat Pack’s Ocean’s 11, with Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, due out in winter.

    Dipsy Doodle Location Scouting

    Dipsy Doodle Location Scouting

    - Eyes in the Sky

    May 11, 2007 in GPS, Johnny Appleseed, Nuvi, driving, location scout | by jhalbrook
    ...The fact that I was once employed as a location scout in Hollywood land may strike some of you as puzzling, perhaps even perverse. Finding the locations wasn’t difficult; it was finding my way back that was hard. The art director of one show...
    ...read the rest...

    Barry Gremillion - I Killed Charles Bronson's Cat Location Scout Book

    Book by LA Location Scout & Location Manager Barry Gremillion

    I Killed Charles Bronson's Cat | Barry Gremillion Just finished Barry Gremillion's I Killed Charles Bronson's Cat in which Barry relates some his tales as a Hollywood Location Manager, working with such directors as Oliver Stone and other big-time Hollywood movie folk. Those of us that work in niche industries like location scouting or location management naturally like to read about the adventures of other people that do what we do and Barry is a natural-born story teller. Location services is a business in which in order to be successful it helps, no, really pretty much requires, that you be a "people person" and Barry seems like just that. The book is a short read, 175 pages, and I breezed right thru it, I couldnt put it down! I could have easily read 1,075 pages of Barry's stories.

    PR Inside

    Bigfoot Entertainment hires Cebuana as location scout for upcoming ...

    PR Inside
    Jill Watt, a 25-year-old Cebuana, is the location scout that Bigfoot Entertainment has turned to for its latest feature, Tears From Afar. The film follows the story of a young Vietnamese woman who weds an American man with the expectation that he ...
    ...

    Bigfoot Media

    Bigfoot Entertainment

    Location Managers Guild of America (LMGA)

    Location Managers Guild of America

    Location Managers Guild of America | Who We Are Location Managers and Scouts are vital members of the design team for film, television, commercials, music videos and print advertising. Our primary job is to find the settings that best represent the visual concept of the Producer, Director and Production Designer.
    ...read the rest...

    Hollywood Reporter

    Location Guild Puts Scouts on the Map - Hollywood Reporter

    (offline) The Hollywood Reporter’s Entertainment Industry Columns - Entertainment Industry Articles - Entertainment Business Columns and Articles: | By Borys Kit | Feb. 01, 2006
    The Location Managers Guild of America will enter its third year in the spring, and while the youngest guild in town is still learning how to walk, it has taken sure-footed steps toward becoming a serious professional organization.
    The March 1st opening reception for "Concentric Circles" at Beady Minces was a great success, attracting some 400 guests, an industry heavy crowd that included local City Council Member Bill Rosendahl. Thank you all for coming. Thanks to the sponsors, volunteers, and to Herman Hagan and Metro for making the exhibition possible.


    Location Managers Guild of America (LMGA) Event in Los Angeles

    P3 Update | Home | News | Concentric Circles: Metro LA Revealed| Written by Dyana Carmella | Thursday, 08 May 2008
    On March 1 the Location Managers Guild of America (LMGA) hosted a reception: “Concentric Circles: Metro L.A. Revealed” at Beady Minces Gallery in Venice, Calif. More than 400 attendees circulated throughout the gallery, admiring the display of unique location photography. The event ? a result of collaboration between the LMGA and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) - demonstrated a compelling new way of looking at transportation systems throughout L.A.


    Location Guide: Interview Location Manager Laura Sode-Matteson

    Location manager Laura Sode-Matteson talks to The Location Guide | The Location Guide.
    ...I came to California and looked for production jobs as that was what I really wanted to do with my life. I scrambled around for a while trying different roles – wardrobe, studio receptionist, production secretary, production coordinator – and then Lynn Morgan (from Spelling) gave me a chance as a Location Manager...


    Location Manager Laura Sode-Matteson at IMDb


    Big Island Enterprises


    Shooting A Film Starts With Scouting | MidWeek Feature | Midweek.com.

    MidWeek recently got in touch with location manager Colleen Gibbons to hear about her latest project, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, which just wrapped up filming on Oahu and is scheduled to hit theaters later this year.
    ...

    Location Manager Dies From Asbestos Poisoning

    Sadly and unfortunately, a British film / tv Location Manager has died of asbestos poisoning contracted while on the job.

    Rye and Battle (UK) Observer | TV man's death blamed on film site clear-up | INQUEST TOLD OF EXPOSURE TO ASBESTOS | Published Date: 29 August 2008 | By Observer news | via Google News

    A TV production manager who worked on hit shows London's Burning, Upstairs Downstairs and On The Buses died from asbestos poisoning he contracted while on set of another ITV show.


    Film Locations at Amazon


    News: Location Scout Featured in Habitat Magazine

    I was interviewed and included in an article in the May edition of Habitat Magazine entitled Hollywood on the Hudson regarding condos and coops in New York City being used as film locations.


    About Habitat Magazine

    Founded May 1982 by Carol J. Ott, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief , HABITAT magazine is an independent publication with paid circulation targeting decision-makers at the 8000+ residential co-ops, condos, and homeowner associations in the New York City greater metropolitan area. (Source: New York State Attorney General’s office)


    Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs Featured on WABC-TV New York City News

    Location Scout R. Richard Hobbs, along with several locations/owners were featured on a WABC-TV Channel 7 News story that aired Wed 11/26/03 and Sun 11/30/03 about home owners that want to have their property used for photo/vid/film shoots.

    Location Scout Resource: Property Owner Info

    Want to list your property? Go here