Featured Location: Healthcare Facility 45843


Location: Healthcare Facility 45843

A complete, comprehensive scout of this location of over 200 photographs, current 6/27/2008, is available to qualified production parties. For access to these images as well as availability / fees / tech scouting / booking and other additional info about Featured Location: Healthcare Facility 45843 You MUST supply us, in writing (you can email us) with ALL the information requested on our email form and per our Location Request Questionaire. Also, please see our FAQS for general information about working with us.

  • 45843 denotes our Locamundo location folder for the aforementioned featured healthcare facility location; please use this number (45843) in ANY correspondence with us regarding this location.

letters-001 by David Levene/Public Domain


Why is this location remarkable?

  • Within all known New York City local film zones
  • *6 floors of available “ownable” (unused / unoccupied) shooting areas including…
  • contemporary, sunny main lobby with aquarium / modern elevators / possible generic “office building lobby” repurposing
  • diverse assortment patient care areas including emergency / trauma areas / hospital rooms
  • specialty areas with equipment / physical therapy …more
  • operating room / natal / neo-natal / delivery room
  • lab / research areas
  • diverse assortment of doctor’s offices / administrative offices w/ furniture / waiting rooms / possible generic “office locations” repurposing
  • boiler room / possible generic industrial environment repurposing
  • large commercial kitchen built to service entire facility / employee cafeteria area
  • gift shop
  • skylit / atrium-style, sunny snackbar / diner w/ commercial kitchen
  • attractive, contemporary exterior including emergency admittance area / loading docks
  • ample, fenced parking areas
  • several shootable outbuildings including a traditional home
  • *Please note that while this facility is mostly unoccupied and availability of specific areas is very favorable at this writing, 6/29/2007, the owners of this facility are actively and aggressively leasing space to private medical practices; altho I am told by the same owners that selected areas will continue to be available for filming after the property is completely “leased out”, please note that availabilities over time will surely change. Please be as specific as possible regarding needed areas when inquiring about this property.
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